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io9 is at It Again

| February 9, 2012

We’ve had more than a couple bones to pick with the io9 website here in the past at the ZRC, as they grossly misinform about the history of Anti-Zombie prejudice, compare Zombies to cancer, promote already-prominent Anti-Zombie filmmakers and so forth. Nevertheless it’s worth noting that they continue to this day in their quest to [...]

Zombies Lumped In With Unicorns, Knife-Fights, Alien Invaders in Kickstarter Project

| January 14, 2012

This is a bizarre, already-fully-funded project to make prints out of a series of illustrations celebrating the ‘Oh Sh*t’ (they bleep it, not me) moment when someone apparently realizes they are completely and utterly doomed. And one of the flavors of that doom is Zombies: Oh Expletive is a project of epic epicness. It is [...]

‘What is Coming to Get Us?’ How about Prejudice, Very Small Array?

| November 4, 2011

The ZRC has to take issue with the above graphic from Very Small Array on a number of levels. First, regardless of where you live, Zombies are not ‘coming to get you’. Quite frankly, the whole world doesn’t revolve around Living people, and Zombies don’t just exist to ‘get’ them. Zombies are a diverse lot [...]

Awesome ‘Rock-A-Zombie’ Image, Shirt

| August 17, 2011

Even the jerks and miscreants over at the ZRS can bring some positive Zombie-related media to light from time to time, and here’s an example: Digital artist Aaron Fulcher creates rocked out designs for the tattoo set. We spotting this Johnny Cash inspired piece and just had to post it for your viewing pleasure. Yes, [...]

Zombie Bowling Balls?

| August 13, 2011

This story is more than a tad bizarre, showing that, yes, they really will splash Zombies into just about anything these days: Holy freakin’ crap, just look at those zombie balls. You can thank the Jung van Matt/Elbe ad agency for this awesomeness. The bowling balls were designed to promote Germany’s 13th Street horror TV [...]

More Behind the Scenes on ‘Zombie Bohemia’

| August 9, 2011

We’ve reported before on ‘Zombie Bohemia’ here on the ZRC blog; it seems to be a movie with both the promise of actual thinking, feeling Zombie characters and, tragically, some Anti-Zombie stereotyping as well. At any rate, the film continues to progress, and there has been a mass release of additional behind-the-scenes material: Director Vince [...]

‘Zombie Protection Fund’

| June 24, 2011

There are times when without context it is truly hard to determine how the ZRC should feel about a particular image or idea relating to our clients. Case in point? At first I automatically assumed, based on long and unfortunate experience, that this was shaking down customers for protection AGAINST Zombies, and indeed, I would [...]

Zombie Walk in Moscow Interrupted By Police Crackdown and Oppression

| June 12, 2011

I wanted to share with you this amazing photojournalism series about a Zombie Walk in Moscow, cruelly dispersed by an authoritarian crackdown against the Differently Animated: This year’s Zombie Parade held for the 5th consecutive year, and it was noted by riot police arrests of participants. On Saturday at the Old Arbat, despite the rain, [...]

‘Dawn of the Dude’

| June 9, 2011

The ZRC was, and remains, very happy about the news that Academy Award-Winning actor Jeff Bridges has signed on to play a Zombie police officer in the upcoming movie ‘R.I.P.D.’ In fact, we’re so happy that I asked the art director to whip me up a little fan-art, based upon a suggested Twitter tag for [...]

‘Dawn of the Dead’ Mall Map a Bit Confusing

| May 17, 2011

The Horror Society folks pointed us toward this map of the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ mall, and I have to admit to a bit of puzzlement: First of all, it’s tragic to see the poor Zombies excluded from the mall, as they so often are thanks to George Romero popularizing the segregationist practice. Secondly though, [...]