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Lurch for the Cure Goes on Ebay

| July 14, 2010

So the Famous Monsters Convention was a blast. We talked to a lot of people, sold some stuff, and raised quite a bit of money via our auction… But unfortunately, the crowds on Saturday and Sunday weren’t as large as we’d hoped, and a few items didn’t get sold. Not to worry though; we’re putting [...]

Lurch for the Cure Auction Item #1

| June 29, 2010

As we count down the days to the highly anticipated Lurch for the Cure Silent Auction, the ZRC will be highlighting the individual items as they come in, so as to thank those who generously gave to this worthy cause, and to show off how much cool swag that you can purchase at the Famous [...]

Left 4 Dead 2 DLC

| April 25, 2010

My Xbox is telling me that there’s a new Left 4 Dead 2 addon. I’d previously read a bit about it, and apparently the downloadable content adds a bit of backstory and allows a crossover between the casts of the two games. Further, one of the original cast is supposed to die in the course [...]

ZRC Went to Horrorhound

| April 7, 2010

I keep forgetting, amidst all the behind the scenes stuff, to update the blog. I am deeply shamed. We went to Horrorhound a week and a half ago, and man was it a lot of fun in the name of Zombie Rights. This year we didn’t have a booth, unfortunately, but we made up for [...]

Zombie Cafe: The Alliance

| March 23, 2010

So, Zombie Cafe. We reviewed it some time ago, and found the overall experience quite satisfying and the gameplay largely Zombie-friendly. Since then we have been in discussions with the game’s creator and publisher, Mr. Wayne West of Spare Brains Games, and the ZRC has found the dialogue most productive. So productive and conducive to [...]

Dungeons and Dragons

| February 15, 2010

So it turns out that in Dungeons and Dragons there is a non-villainous class of undead, called Revenants. They serve the death goddess, who, in 4th Edition terms, is neither good nor evil (like, one would suppose, death itself). Really, they’re less of a ‘race’ than a class, a sort of profession that a character [...]

Is Dungeons and Dragons Lifeist?

| February 8, 2010

I’m going to go through the source books we own in more detail soon, but just from the start of this 4th edition campaign the Technical Director and I are engaged in, it definitely seems so. Many character classes start off with, or can eventually obtain, powerful anti-undead spells and abilities. And these are the [...]

Zombie Cafe: The Review

| January 13, 2010

  A couple of weeks ago now, the ZRC received a comment on our blog from game creator Wayne West of Spare Brains Games, who kindly offered to send us a review copy of their Zombie Cafe card game. Of course the ZRC was very pleased to take up this noble responsibility, and so last [...]