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"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life."
- Jane Addams

"'Life' includes 'undead existence'."
- The ZRC

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The Lurch for the Cure

In a world that hates and fears you, there are basically two methods to gain acceptance and understanding. The first is to form a superhero team with an eclectic group of colorful underdogs, then fly around the world fighting supervillains, mostly in secret. The second approach is to form a civil rights organization. Since we don't have access to a VTOL jet and snazzy spandex bodysuits, we founded The Zombie Rights Campaign.

Lurch For The Cure
An important part of any civil rights campaign is doing good works, not just for yourselves, but in solidarity with the larger community. Toward that end, The Zombie Rights Campaign, working off of an idea from the great people at Skin Horse, has created the Lurch for the Cure campaign. Simply put, Lurch for the Cure raises money and awareness for a great breast cancer research organization, The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation. We sell t-shirts, make public appearances, and hold events to support and publicize the great work they're doing. All proceeds, and we mean every last dime, from every Lurch product or promotion goes to the Lynn Sage people.

What is The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation? From their website:

The Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation (LSCRF) is one of the nation's leading breast cancer research and education charities. It was founded in 1985 in memory of Lynn Sage, a Chicago-area woman who endured a six-year struggle with breast cancer with her spirit and dignity intact before she died at the age of 39.

Our mission is to support the understanding, research and treatment of breast cancer in partnership with Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University.

Following Lynn's death, a group of 17 friends formed the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation with a vow to cure this devastating disease. Today, 84 individuals serve on three boards in her memory with the common goal of making a difference in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Since its inception, LSCRF has raised over $20 million for breast cancer research including $15 million for Northwestern. Our administrative costs are less than 7%, so that there are more funds available for the research and education projects that we support. With each dollar donated, Lynn Sage's fight to cure breast cancer continues.

Another important component of both superhero teams and civil rights work is finding good allies. Helping us with the Lurch for the Cure are the good folks at Skin Horse, Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Channing-Wells, as well as the not-so-good people at The Dark Carnival Film Festival and Atomic Age Cinema, including Baron Mardi, who graces our Lurch shirt, along with Skin Horse's Zombie star Unity and the ZRC's spokeszombie Tim. A great number of people have contributed time, effort, creative property and material assistance to make this campaign a reality, and we thank them all for their help.

So what can you do to support cutting-edge anti-cancer research and Zombie Rights? Why, purchase a stylish Lurch for the Cure t-shirt from our online store. All proceeds go the LSCRF; the only things we take out are the following (when applicable):
  • Shirt printed by Brunetto T-Shirts: $10
  • Shipping: around $3 per shirt in the US [1]
  • Tax:
    • Illinois: 10.25% (for in-person sales only)
    • Indiana: 7% (for all sales)
    • Wisconsin: Around 5.5% [2] (for all sales)
  • PayPal transaction fee: 3% [3]
What all this eventually comes down to is that at least 5 dollars from every shirt, and usually more, goes to cancer research. Isn't that awesome? The shirts themselves are also quite cool, being 100% cotton American Apparel with that high-quality Brunetto printing that the owners of our current ZRC shirts have come to know and love.

So if you feel like owning a snazzy shirt for a good cause, go on over to the ZRC store and pick up a Lurch shirt today!

1. Shipping in the United States is generally via USPS, and actual cost depends on shipping zone. Shipping to other countries or via other methods may cost more, and of course if the sale is in person then there's no shipping cost to account for.

2. Wisconsin sales tax is 5% plus some amount that depends on your county or municipality. For example, sales in Milwaukee County are charged 5.6% tax.

3. PayPal's transaction fee is actually 2.9% plus thirty cents, or $0.88 on one shirt. At 3% we take out $0.60 from the shirt sale price to pay for that fee, so technically we're losing 28 cents, but this way the math is much easier when one transaction includes multiple items. 3% is more than 2.9% + $0.30 when the transaction amount is over $300... and as soon as someone buys $300 worth of merchandise from us in a single transaction, we'll rework our policy so we don't wind up technically profiting from that difference. Nothing is taken out for this fee if payment is via some means other than PayPal.


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The ZRC is not affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign in any way, shape or form, and we applaud their goal to bring basic human rights to, you know, basic human beings. We just want to do the same for those human beings who happen to be undead. Any similarities to the HRC are intended as parody, and really, if the folks in charge of the HRC can't take a joke then I guess they're just lucky that people don't go to the movies to watch THEM get hacked to pieces by chainsaws and cricket bats.
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