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"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life."
- Jane Addams

"'Life' includes 'undead existence'."
- The ZRC

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Zombies Need Love Like Everything Does

Example of shirt design

Cookies need love like everything does -- and "everything" includes Zombies. A happy Undead child enjoys a sugary treat on this black American Apparel unisex t-shirt, in sizes extra-small through 3X (sizing chart available on AA's website).

Don't Hate The Deadite

Don't Hate The Deadite shirt
Shirt on a picketing ZRC staffer (picket sign and Norman Reedus signature not included)

There is some debate as to whether Deadites are, in fact, Zombies. However, consider the fact that they are frequently reanimated corpses, or that when even a Living person comes under the sway of the Necronomicon they are profoundly, often irrevocably changed. Perhaps most telling of all, the word "dead" is right in their common appellation.

And, as usual, it's the Undead who take the blame for all of society's ills, and not the evil tome which controls and oppresses them. Plus it bites people! What sort of book bites people?!

So please, join the ZRC in speaking out against Undead slavery and oppression with this stylish white-on-black American Apparel unisex t-shirt. Do it for the Deadites.

Available in sizes extra-small through 3X -- sizing chart available on AA's website.



Zombie Strong wristband

100% silicone wristbands, in green with glow-in-the-dark lettering: "Zombie Strong" on one side. Large is 8 3/8" around and fits most adults. Medium is 7 3/8" around and fits kids age six and up, teenagers, and smaller adults. Child is 5 7/8" and fits kids up to six.
One dollar per wristband will be donated the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation.

I Heart Zombies Bumper Stickers

I Heart Zombies bumper sticker

Do you love Zombies? If you love Zombies like the Zombie Rights Campaign does, you'll want to show that to everyone stuck behind you in traffic with the ZRC's lovely new I Heart Zombies bumper sticker. Printed in full color on weather-resistant white vinyl by the inestimable Sticker Guy, and adds up to 11 by 2.5 inches of Undead love. Click here to view the design by itself.



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The ZRC is not affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign in any way, shape or form, and we applaud their goal to bring basic human rights to, you know, basic human beings. We just want to do the same for those human beings who happen to be undead. Any similarities to the HRC are intended as parody, and really, if the folks in charge of the HRC can't take a joke then I guess they're just lucky that people don't go to the movies to watch THEM get hacked to pieces by chainsaws and cricket bats.
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