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"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life."
- Jane Addams

"'Life' includes 'undead existence'."
- The ZRC

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Here at the Zombie Rights Campaign, we have taken it upon ourselves to consume various forms of zombie-related media, the better to inform our members and readers about works that they may be interested in. While rare, there are cases of positive zombie depiction -- we hope you enjoy the selection here.

For ease of portability, the ZRC media resources file is currently available as a PDF. To view, simply click on the link below, and as long as you have Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader, you should soon be perusing one of our fine ZRC publications!

Click here to download the ZRC Media Resources File

Click here to download the ZRC Style Guide (for aspiring writers concerned with Zombie Rights)

Informational Pamphlets! Handy Creative-Commons licensed informational materials you can download, print out, and use to spread Zombie Friendly knowledge around the world.

Click here to download the ZRC Informational Pamphlet 'Zombie Rights and You', a tri-fold brochure we give out at conventions and public appearances to teach people a bit about the Differently Animated and their struggle. NEWLY UPDATED!!

Click here for our informative guide to the nefarious dangers posed by Resident Evil and related properties.

Click here to download 'Zombies in the Workforce', the Zombie Rights Campaign's official guide to workplace integration between the Living and the Differently Animated Community.

Click here to download 'Education for the Undead: Won't Somebody Think of the Zombie Children?', the Zombie Rights Campaign's guide to the educational needs of Zombie and Living Children alike!

'Zombies and Discworld', a look at the proudly Zombie Friendly literary world of Sir Terry Pratchett, one of the world's most prominent Pro-Zombie authors.

Specialty Pamphlets! This is the section for literature produced for special occasions, public appearances, or slightly more unusual ZRC topics.

Click here to obtain 'Zombies vs. Scott Walker', our illustrated pamphlet detailing the differences between Scott Walker and the Zombie Community.

The Zombie Rights Campaign
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Jenny Rowland, Technical Director


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The ZRC is not affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign in any way, shape or form, and we applaud their goal to bring basic human rights to, you know, basic human beings. We just want to do the same for those human beings who happen to be undead. Any similarities to the HRC are intended as parody, and really, if the folks in charge of the HRC can't take a joke then I guess they're just lucky that people don't go to the movies to watch THEM get hacked to pieces by chainsaws and cricket bats.
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