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Walking Dead Season 8 – First Half Thoughts

We were uneasy about this latest season of The Walking Dead here on the ZRC blog, as mentioned in a post last summer, and so far, our suspicions have been handily borne out.

But the show should really be rebranded ‘The Talking Negan’ by now. Good grief. We never thought we’d say this here at the ZRC blog, given the past treatment of the Undead on TWD, but wasn’t this show about Zombies at some point?

We seem to recall it. Dimly. In the past. Before the bat. Before all the whistling. Before the chatting.

Season 8 has been all about the scheming and plotting so far, but now that the midseason finale is over, we can talk about… Carl.

Carl was, of course, bitten, in self-defense, by an Undead individual he was cruelly accosting. Which means that Carl will himself become Undead in due course.

After the season break. Because ratings.

Now, we don’t want to get our hopes up too high – we are talking about The Walking Dead here – but an actual Undead cast member, is that too much to ask? Instead of just…writing them off the show?

Yeah… probably not happening.

But maybe Undead Carl could eat Negan? An acceptable compromise, given the circumstances?

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