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Zombies Less Interesting Than Robots? We’ll Have to Disagree

| June 28, 2012

Really I shouldn’t even be responding to this piece, since it’s not about Zombies at all except for a throwaway insult, but darn it, I felt insulted! While believing in fairy tale stories like mermaids and zombies can be fun, something even more exciting from stories that we love is becoming a reality. Robots. Really [...]

Capcom Still Porting Older ‘Resident Evil’ Games to New Systems

| June 28, 2012

Apparently Capcom is still on the Quest for More Anti-Zombie Money, porting and slightly updating old ‘Resident Evil’ titles for newer consoles: CAPCOM unveiled “The Chronicle of a Biohazard,” a weekly look back at the history of the Resident Evil (Biohazard) game franchise before the June 28 release of the Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection [...]

FEARnet Teams Up with Capcom for Comic-Con Event

| June 26, 2012

We recently reported on a Zombie Rights march at Comic-Con, but sadly, there are some arguably less Zombie Friendly events occurring as well, even tied in with the March: FEARnet, the leading cable destination for horror, thriller and suspense content, will team with Capcom® and its upcoming Resident Evil® 6 video game and MPI’s Dark [...]

A Zombie Rights March at Comic-Con

| June 26, 2012

We’re delighted to hear about, and promote, a Zombie Rights march at Comic Con, to show the Robert Kirkmans and Max Brookses of the world what the Undead of the world really want: their civil rights. Are you ready to #ZOMBIFYSDCC?! We are! Zombies have been exploited in entertainment and media for too long! The [...]

Robert Kirkman Teams with Hyundai to Create Anti-Zombie Car

| June 25, 2012

Really? Really: Hyundai is looking toward the future. Unfortunately it’s a bleak future, where humanity is on the verge of extinction brought upon by the Zombie Apocalypse, but, hey, you’ve got to plan for everything, right? The automaker has teamed up with the creator of the “The Walking Dead” comic book series, Robert Kirkman, to [...]

Illinois Attacks Zombies to Promote Wearing Seatbelts

| June 23, 2012

Truly a bizarre story out of Illinois, especially considering that it’s home to the Zombie Friendly city of Chicago (where we recently marched for Zombie Rights, for instance): Still they are HILARIOUS that my home state of Illinois put ZOMBIES IN THEIR COMMERCIALS! So much of awesomeness here. The Illinois Department of Transportation really has [...]

An Anti-Zombie Tarot Deck, Apparently

| June 22, 2012

I’m not exactly big into Tarot, though the art director used to play around with it. As far as card-games go, I always tended less toward quasi-mysticism and more toward Magic the Gathering (at least until it went full Living Supremacist of late). Still, this Anti-Zombie looking Tarot deck is unfortunate for all lovers of [...]

Confirmed: The Zombie Rights Campaign Will Attend ‘Flashback Weekend’ 2012

| June 21, 2012

We posted our tentative public schedule a bit earlier this summer, but it’s good to confirm things as they shape up (or not) so the ZRC is happy to announce it will be attending Flashback Weekend this year in Chicago (August 10th-12th). However, we’re only attending this show, not vending, so there won’t be any [...]

Another Zombie Themed Restaurant!

| June 19, 2012

I like this trend of Zombie-themed restaurants for two reasons: 1) If restaurants start catering to the Zombie subculture, they may start marketing specifically toward Zombies/Zombie discretionary income and 2) It gives me an excuse to eat out for the ZRC. So I was pleased to see Laughing Squid’s piece on a Zombie themed, and [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign at the Zombie March Chicago (2012)

| June 17, 2012

We, your humble staffers from The Zombie Rights Campaign, embarked on a bold adventure yesterday into the very heart of Chicago to witness a stirring outing and show of solidarity amongst the Chicago-area Undead community and their allies. You know, by going to the Chicago Zombie March. It was a great event, and I have [...]