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Zombie Cafe: The Alliance

| March 23, 2010

So, Zombie Cafe. We reviewed it some time ago, and found the overall experience quite satisfying and the gameplay largely Zombie-friendly. Since then we have been in discussions with the game’s creator and publisher, Mr. Wayne West of Spare Brains Games, and the ZRC has found the dialogue most productive. So productive and conducive to [...]

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #8

| March 23, 2010

Ahh, Deadpool. A shining light in the darkness that is our anti-Zombie comic book industry. In this installment, Z-Pool and Deadpool finally make the trek back to Z-Pool’s home dimension, the plane of the Marvel Zombies. So how does Merc With a Mouth treat the anti-Zombie stereotypes of the original Marvel Zombieverse? Well, not very [...]

Horrorhound In Indianapolis

| March 18, 2010

We’ve just gotten confirmation that we can share some booth space at Horrorhound, and so the ZRC will be full strength and capitalism ready at Horrorhound one week from today! *cheering* Yes, come out to Horrorhound on Indianapolis’… err…. somewhat crime-ridden, dilapidated East side… ahem. We’ll be there! The Zombies will protect you! In all [...]


| March 17, 2010

The Zombie Rights Campaign is plotting various behind the scenes moves to make the world an even better and Zombie-friendlier place. Oooh, I’d love to tell the public about them just now.. but I can’t. Soon! But not now. So cool..

Dead Winter Review: #100-Current

| March 11, 2010

Well, I finally got around to finishing the Dead Winter archives for the ZRC. (The earlier review is located here) Sadly, there isn’t much new to report, no sudden progressive attitude on the rights of Reanimated Americans. The comic continues to take the grim, Romero-esque line of Undead Bashing that we’ve all become so familiar [...]

Public Appearances for 2010

| March 11, 2010

Just wanted to put up a quick post about the ZRC’s public appearance schedule for the year so far. March 27th -28th: Horrorhound (Indianapolis) The ZRC will be in attendance but only as spectators this year, due to, well, quite frankly, we’re not sure. Horrorhound seems to be having a lot of trouble keeping in [...]

Rise of the ‘New’ Zombie?

| March 6, 2010

Reinvention in the horror genre is a very common occurrence. Vampires are especially prone to this, but it’s true of all so-called ‘monsters’. (See this TV Tropes page for examples) Depictions of the Differently Animated, aka Zombies, in America have largely been of one of two types. First you had your Voodoo thrall zombie, a [...]