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UW Humans vs. Zombies Observed in the Field

| September 30, 2012

Apparently another rousing game of Anti-Zombie prejudices and NERF weaponry is afoot at the local college campus, and I’ve seen firsthand their hijinks, if not their intolerance, as I pursue a Zombie Rights-adjacent education this week. On Wednesday I saw the, ahem, designated ‘Humans’ (as if Zombies are less than human!) running around bedecked in [...]

*Another* RE Movie, This Time from Japan: ‘Resident Evil: Damnation’

| September 24, 2012

I think this qualifies as overexposure: Biohazard: Damnation is currently slated for a September 25 release in North America, between the September 14 opening of the live-action film Resident Evil: Retribution and the October launch of the Resident Evil 6 game. In all honesty this trailer does make the CG movie look about a thousand [...]

‘Dayplanner of the Dead’ Zom-Com Brings Together Numerous Anti-Zombie Alums

| September 24, 2012

The concept of ‘Dayplanner of the Dead’ as outlined in its Indiegogo page is interesting, if not particularly Zombie Friendly: Zombies don’t eat people because they’re hungry, but because they’re bored. So the solution is to Entertain the Zombies. Hmm. Original, sure. But is portraying the Undead as something akin to homicidal maniacs hooked on [...]

‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Hated by Critics, Somewhat Less Seen by Fans

| September 22, 2012

The latest Resident Evil movie is out in theatres, whereas the ZRC movie review squad, in the form of yours truly, has yet to see it due to many and sundry school obligations. But that’s what film critics are for, right? And the Rotten Tomatoes Freshness Rating for this splattery, violent Anti-Zombie installment of the [...]

Zombies as ‘Terror’ Threat

| September 19, 2012

I guess it was inevitable that Zombies would face demonization (no offense to demons) in the pursuit of lucrative War on Terror dollars but this is still just a bit sad: SAN DIEGO — Forget the H1N1 pandemic. Could a future crisis arise from an outbreak of viruses that destroy brain cells and render people [...]

Resident Evil 6 Already Working on DLC

| September 14, 2012

The Zombie Rights Campaign has strong opinions about ‘Resident Evil’, as you can see in our educational literature (which will need updating again soon… sigh) One of those opinions, aside from disliking the viciously Anti-Zombie prejudice, of course, is a cynical appreciation of the bewildering number of ways Capcom has found to cash-in on its [...]

‘Walking Dead’ Season Three Promises to Be Bloody, Offensive, and Bloody Offensive

| September 14, 2012

The controversy over AMC and Dish Network may have dominated ‘Walking Dead’ news over the summer, but now that the actual season is approaching the media blitz/glorification of Anti-Zombie violence is getting under way: Newly released images from the upcoming third season of “The Walking Dead” hold the promise of even more bloody zombie action, [...]

Terror in the Aisles 12: The Stuff, Frankenhooker and Space Nazis, Oh My

| September 12, 2012

Just wanted to drop a quick note on the blog about a horror film event coming up this Friday that might be of some interest to ZRC readers in the Chicago area: TERROR IN THE AISLES 12 The Ultimate Horror Triple Feature! September 14, 2012 THE STUFF, FRANKENHOOKER & IRON SKY Portage Theater 4050 N. [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign at Horrorhound

| September 10, 2012

That was a brisk weekend of outreach for the ZRC! Special thanks to ZRC pal Michelle Hartz, author of ‘Brains for the Zombie Soul‘, for capably operating our booth on Friday while I was otherwise detained learning about contracts and such. Zombies need contracts too, right? Horrorhound was of course inundated with Zombie-related media, and [...]

ZRC at Horrorhound Today

| September 8, 2012

Come on by our booth in the vendor hall at Horrorhound and say hi! We have Zombie Friendly wares and literature and are very open to dialogue. It’s what we do.