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  1. Sofawall says:

    Check out the movie Fido. You may or may not enjoy it, but is a different take on zombies.

  2. John Sears says:

    Fido is on the ZRC Netflix Queue, actually. So we will get to it in the future, rest assured.

    You’re probably right about the chances of us liking the movie, however.

    Thanks for your input!

  3. nacho says:

    Hey guys, I totally believe you should comment about (and probably include in your pdf file) this webcomic. (unlife is unfair)

    It’s about the relationship of two different persons, a pseudo-goth weird girl and her zombie boyfriend.
    The story includes the whole dilemma of the zombie fighting with 2 urges: love for her girlfriend and hunger for her girlfriend’s brain.

    I’m in no way associated to the creator of this webcomic, but I really think it supports your cause :) .

  4. MathProf says:

    I am pretty sure this piece of scientifc research ( contains invaluable information to support your cause.

  5. John Sears says:

    This so-called ‘research’ is precisely the sort of anti-Zombie propaganda we at the ZRC are working against every day. In fact, this paper constructs a model of Zombies built, by its own admission, entirely from stereotypes culled from popular movies and videogames. No actual Zombies were consulted or interviewed, nor any opposing points of view or positive media depictions considered. The ‘zombies’ in this paper are unfeeling, unthinking self-destructive automatons, and as such are nothing more than a lingering lifeist prejudice against the Differently Animated.

  6. Wayne says:

    I am a game developer and one that I am currently selling is called Zombie Cafe, where you have the honor of operating a deli and selling brains to the Differently Animated. I would love to send you a copy for your perusal, amusement, and perhaps review if you would care to send me your address.

  7. John Sears says:

    We would be more than happy to review any potentially Zombie-friendly gaming products. However, due to not wanting the Russian spambots to have our physical address, please feel free to email the ZRC at the address on the About page and we will give you our top-secret location.

    (Updated after the Technical Director put up an obfuscated email address on the About page. We get enough Russian shoe spam as it is from various bots trolling our pages. They may be lifeist agents, however, so we must remain wary.)

  8. Piccoroz says:

    You should check out the “Sankarea” manga and the “is this a Zombie?!!” anime, they show how things are from the zombie point of view.

  9. John Sears says:

    I hadn’t heard of “Sankarea” until now, so thanks for the tip. As for ‘Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?’, we’ve been watching it here at the ZRC streamed on Crunchyroll (hmm, HD) and are quite pleased overall.


    document our reactions to date. I’m waiting to give the show a formal review/rating until at least a full season is complete, but right now it’s easily headed for Zombie Friendly territory.

  10. Ace says:

    In honor of Zombie awareness month you should check out; Andrew Jackson’s “Enough Blood To Keep ‘Em Coming” video on YouTube

  11. Jeanette K. says:

    I had no idea there was a society dedicated to the rights of zombies. This is an exciting development. We recently wrote about what non-zombies should wear in order to outrun the undead –

  12. John Sears says:

    Jeanette – I think it’s a questionable focus on outrunning the Undead. Do you try to outrun other minority groups? That is a very divisive way to frame the issue of footwear. Zombies need sneakers too you know.

  13. Jeanette K. says:

    John, you have a point! :)

  14. Jay says:

    All involved in the ZRC should check this out and review it.

  15. Jesse Dedman says:

    Hey, I’m the guy that created Zombie Hunter. I wanted to thank you for writing a piece about it. Yes, it is still anti-zombie even though Nathan can hardly catch a break.

    I wanted to inform you about a project that is so Pro-zombie it might just turn the tables around. The web series follows a zombie that is put into this government funded project that attempts to place zombies back into society. Naturally, this causes a lot of concerns and negative reactions.

    In many ways, this show would be a statement about discrimination, but in other ways, it would simply be an eye-opener into a world most don’t care to look.

    I tell you this because I was moved by your site, and I feel like I might face a wall of constent opposition.

    The only element that might be anti-zombie is that the only way to control for the natural aggression for everything that lives is large doses of THC. Of course this would make him very hungry, but the hunger, at that point, can be satisfied by anything.

  16. Jason Ozubko says:


    First off apologies for contacting you here… I couldn’t find an email address to reach you at. Feel free to delete this post once you’ve read it.

    I would just like to inform you that I have just released the first public alpha of Zombie Wasteland Goners. It can be accessed via:

    As you may or may not remember, Zombie Wasteland Goners is a free, online game of survival and betrayal set in the zombie apocalypse. You take turns with your friends, roaming the zombie-infested wasteland, fending off the undead, and fighting for survival; but that’s just the start. No two games of Goners are alike because each time you play
    you’re assigned new and random goals. Are you trying to save your best friend or get him killed? Are you trying to steal everyone’s stuff or just take down all the zombie bastards that you can? Are you trying to get to the chopper or trying to ensure that no one makes it out alive? No one knows your motives but you! So try your best to sneak and steal your way to victory, but just beware of the other survivors. Whether or
    not you are plotting against them, they may be plotting against you. And if there’s one thing worse than being a survivor, it’s being a goner…

    I hope you will make mention of this in your blog. Although admittedly we have stark disagreements as to the rights and privileges of the undead (whereas you seem to think they deserve compassion and consideration I see them more as the brainless, undead, scum that they truly are) I hope you will nonetheless help spread the word about Goners :)

    Keep up the great bloggin’! Always a pleasure to read.

    Jason Ozubko

  17. Wtf says:

    Is this shit for real?

  18. What a cool zombie blog!

    I’ve been blogging about zombies lately and the smash hit web series, ‘Bite Me’. It’s a story about three hardcore gamers that use their video games skills to survive during a zombie outbreak.

    I just interviewed one of the stars of the show. And I’m running a four-part series on my blog. I’m going to profile each of the principal cast members leading up to the March 6th air date of the second season.

    I’m calling it – “The Bite Me Interviews” and you can read part one, with actor Justin Giddings.

    To read the interview or watch a promo for Bite Me, go to:

    Feel free to excerpt my post, but please link back to:

    And watch out for the zombies.


  19. Cate H says:

    Have you seen this

    It’s one woman’s fight to save her zombie husband and make him a functioning member of society again. Fun read.

  20. Dean Vanderkolk says:

    I’ve just learned of a film that features a positive zombie stance and also brings Kyra Schon back to the screen as a zombie for the first time in over forty years! Check out their campaign!!

  21. Leslie Lopez says:


    Leslie from Zombie Research Society here.

    Wanted to give you a heads up that we just launched a campaign to get
    George Romero a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    As you know Romero invented the modern zombie with his 1968 horror classic
    Night of the Living, launching a global phenomenon that continues to
    infect pop culture more than 40 years later.

    Stars cost $30,000 paid to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, so we’re
    doing a fundraising campaign to let fans give back to the man that has
    given us all so much.

    Here is the link, and as you can see we’ve got Simon Pegg, Scott Ian of
    Anthrax, Penn & Teller, and other celebs behind it:

    The more eyeballs we can get on the attached link the better chance we
    have of reaching (and hopefully beating) our goal.

    Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

    Go Romero!


  22. Shannon says:

    I represent Walker Stalker Con (, a Zombie, Horror and Sci-Fi themed convention taking place in Atlanta, GA November 1, 2 and 3, 2013. We would love to send you a free day pass in exchange for a feature article, mention on your Facebook page, email newsletter, Twitter and any where else you are connecting with your audience. We need partners like you to spread the word about our convention. Confirmed to attend are: Lauren Cohan, Lew Temple, Jose Pablo Cantillo and 10 more from The Walking Dead, Judith O’Dea (Night of the Living Dead), actors from Dawn of the Dead, Holliston and lots of actors who have played zombies in the past. We have many more we are confirming in the next month, but wanted to give you an idea.

    We have started a Kickstarter campaign ( for the convention also. We would appreciate support in getting the word out to any fans of zombie, horror and sci-fi that might be interested in getting advanced tickets at greatly reduced prices in exchange for pledge support. We have only a few more days left of the campaign and would appreciate your support in the next week.

    I can send you logos and banners too, if you’re interested. Our base podcast site is

    Thanks so much for your help!! Please let me know if you wish to help out by posting and I will keep you in mind for prizes!

    ~Shannon Toohey

  23. Huh, only four days to get around to unscreening a comment. Not too shabby.

    Shannon — I’ve been tasked with giving you the ZRC’s official response, which sadly is a “thanks, but no thanks”. For at least the rest of this year we’re not going to be able to get very far away from the Madison area for any events due to boring day job stuff. I’m betting that my co-conspirator Mr. Sears could be prevailed upon to do a writeup of any particularly zombie-positive news you’d care to spread. (Our adorable little zombie urchin mascot Tim certainly hopes that Walker Stalker Con will be zombie-friendly.)

    – Jenny

  24. Bobby Barker says:

    Hi guys,
    Well, Jon is at it again this year except he has expanded his Thriller Dance and Cake Competition to include a Monster Mash and Expo, complete with tables. We were wondering if you’d like to come on down as a vendor? Tables are only $25.00. Let me know what you think. You also get year round advertising on all the sites he runs.
    Bobby Barker

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