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Yet Another Zombie Defense Review

| February 28, 2010

I was looking through the Xbox Live Marketplace today and saw something insidious – a Zombie game being sold under the Indie Game label for only 80 points, or a dollar in real money. I decided to investigate, and what I found was shocking. Ok, not *that* shocking. As the title suggests, Yet Another Zombie [...]


| February 28, 2010

The ZRC blog is sadly being flooded with spambots of late, so if you want to comment you might have to wait a bit before your verbiage shows up. Sorry bout that – we’re looking into various spam filters at the moment and will soon have this nailed down, I think

Politics of Zombie Health Care

| February 26, 2010

While it’s good to see Zombies depicted as caring, civic-minded individuals, this comic‘s use of Zombie stereotyping is still offensive. Next time perhaps we can get a Zombie protest depicted without the halting speech and compulsive human-eating? Hmm?

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7

| February 24, 2010

Holy $*#@ ladies and gentlemen, I finally got to read the latest Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth, and it was all I ever wanted. Well, in a single issue of a comic book. Continuing where the cast left off last time, Deadpool and his Zombie counterpart enter the dimensional portal in Florida and begin a [...]

Dead Winter Review (1-100)

| February 19, 2010

While waiting for the latest issues of Deadpool to arrive, delayed due to a lifeist mole of some sort within the US Post Office (Anti-Zombie spies are everywhere), the ZRC was made aware of another zombie-themed webcomic, entitled Dead Winter. Dead Winter has a rather large archive, so I thought that I’d pause here at [...]

Dungeons and Dragons

| February 15, 2010

So it turns out that in Dungeons and Dragons there is a non-villainous class of undead, called Revenants. They serve the death goddess, who, in 4th Edition terms, is neither good nor evil (like, one would suppose, death itself). Really, they’re less of a ‘race’ than a class, a sort of profession that a character [...]

Is Dungeons and Dragons Lifeist?

| February 8, 2010

I’m going to go through the source books we own in more detail soon, but just from the start of this 4th edition campaign the Technical Director and I are engaged in, it definitely seems so. Many character classes start off with, or can eventually obtain, powerful anti-undead spells and abilities. And these are the [...]