The Zombie Rights Campaign Blog

Bloggery, Site Issues, End of Semester Housekeeping

| December 2, 2014

Hello ZRC Allies! Apologies for more or less a month offline, though not off the Cause; your ZRC President’s second-to-last semester of law school has proven to be a killer. Fortunately, not in the Umbrella sense, just in the entire books of dry legal reading to do sense. We will be doing a lot more [...]

ZRC Review ‘Zombie Killer’ Cyser/Mead

| December 2, 2014

Lately, the ZRC blog has been delving into the world of Zombie-themed alcohol reviews. We’ve covered several notable beers, but hadn’t gotten around to one of the more popular Zombified alcohols: ‘Zombie Killer’ from B. Nektar. First, a bit of fun learning! ‘Zombie Killer’ refers to itself as a Cyser. If you’re like me, you [...]