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Temporary Commenting Change

| April 19, 2013

Hi Zombie Readers. Basically Akismet has completely fallen down on the job for the last few days, so as an interim measure, to leave a comment going forward you have to have at least one comment approved by an admin first. For actual humans, Living or Undead, this will not prove terribly problematic. This isn’t [...]

Zombies Doing Good: Zombie Day

| April 16, 2013

The ZRC is always delighted to see Zombies and the Living brought together in a good cause, and so we were very pleased to hear about ‘Zombie Day’ this Saturday, April 20th in the Chicago area. I will now shamelessly post the details from their Facebook page to benefit those who have not joined the [...]

Man Blames Zombies for Traffic Accidents He Caused

| April 12, 2013

An unfortunate sign of the Living Supremacist prejudice in our society: scapegoating Zombies, even non-existent ones, for one’s own misdeeds: (CNN) — A young transient who said he was trying to shake zombies off a stolen semi-trailer truck he was driving caused a major freeway incident in southern California that sent four people to the [...]

Copyright Trolls Making Anti-Zombie Movies Just to Sue Downloaders?

| April 11, 2013

At The Zombie Rights Campaign we try to be flexible with copyright; after all, we release all our content via Creative Commons licenses. The important thing for us is the Zombie Friendly message. So seeing a nexus between copyright law abuses and Living Supremacism is particularly disheartening: Over the years, as rumors of the potential [...]

Interesting Tidbit About World War Z Editorial Meddling

| April 9, 2013

We’ve talked here on the blog about the extensive changes to ‘World War Z’ that came from the process of adapting it to film. A CNN story I saw the other day on another topic, about Hollywood’s responses to the needs of the Chinese film market (particularly, state censorship issues) mentioned another alteration. Apparently, unlike [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign Will Be at Horrorhound 2013

| April 9, 2013

Just a quick announcement here at the end of a hectic semester training to be the world’s first Zombie Rights Lawyer to note that the ZRC will be at Horrorhound Indianapolis 2013 this upcoming September! We expect to have new wares and new grievances to explore and agitate against, and as has become the custom [...]

Something *Else* Offensive On Reddit

| April 1, 2013

I realize of course that Reddit is known for attracting, even reveling in negative attention, but nevertheless it must be noted that they’ve pulled a very cruel prank on the Zombie Community for April Fool’s, restyling their subreddit that is normally about Running (all very well and good) to be about Escaping Zombies (which is [...]