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Lurch for the Cure Auction Items #2-3

| June 29, 2010

The next auction items to arrive via the magic of the Postal Service were two autographed books from famous horror author David Wellington, who has applied his own unique takes to horror mainstays like vampires, werewolves and, yes, unfortunately Zombies in three separate hit series of novels. The ‘Monster’ line (Monster Island, Monster Nation and [...]

Lurch for the Cure Auction Item #1

| June 29, 2010

As we count down the days to the highly anticipated Lurch for the Cure Silent Auction, the ZRC will be highlighting the individual items as they come in, so as to thank those who generously gave to this worthy cause, and to show off how much cool swag that you can purchase at the Famous [...]

Review: ‘Snikt!’

| June 28, 2010

(As I finished unpacking stuff from our recent move here at ZRC headquarters I rediscovered a huge pile of Zombie and Zombie-related media, good and bad, that never got reviewed the first time around. So over the next few weeks, leading up to the auction, reviewing some of this stuff seems like a good way [...]

Zombie Perfume?

| June 24, 2010

This is decidedly a mixed bag for me, but a web-company is selling Zombie.. Perfume: The scent of death lingers on the walking dead. Limbs rot, organs turn rancid, and decomposition sets in. For a zombie in a state of decay, they need Zombie Fragrance Oil. Liberally apply this scent, and combat that lingering odor [...]

Another Zombie Apocalypse Page

| June 22, 2010

This time a graph on what people will do in the supposed Zombie Apocalypse. Now, seriously. What is with the Zombie Apocalypse? Even with other hated-and-feared subgroups of humanity we rarely see talk of an Apocalypse. Well, ok. Perhaps the Black Helicopter crowd talks about some kind of crazy anti-White Apocalypse, I don’t know. Still, [...]

Lego Decides Zombie Kids Can Play with Something Else

| June 21, 2010

I’ve been looking at this for some time now, and I can’t begin to fathom it. I really can’t. Lego is putting out a series of special, collectible little Lego figurines. You know, the tiny people who can interact with the things you construct out of the beloved, often primary colored connectible play blocks. Included [...]

Liberal Bloggers Again Defame Zombies

| June 21, 2010

I’m very saddened but not surprised that, yet again, the so-called ‘Liberals’ of the online world have taken to defaming Zombies in the pursuit of scoring political points. Basically, as I understand their serial misuse of the term, it works like this: -Certain untruths or factual misunderstandings are particularly pervasive in the field of politics [...]

Undead Boy Makes Good

| June 19, 2010

Well, ok. ‘Good’ is always a flexible term with the Baron. Nevertheless, look which gang of miscreants, who are very friendly with the Undead, has moved to the high-tech world of net celebrity? That’s right, the old gang from Atomic Age Cinema, including noted Bloomingtonian Undead Baron Mardi, will be hosting 100 Years of Monster [...]

Results of Zombie Activism

| June 19, 2010

Well, we here at the ZRC have been very pleased this week. The auction preparations are going great, donations are coming in left and right, and we seem to have entered into a productive dialogue with Ask Dr. Eldritch vis a vis Zombie Rights and negative stereotypes regarding Zombie odors. Don’t worry, Mr. Nichols. Your [...]

Lurch for the Cure: The Auction

| June 16, 2010

As Mel Brooks said, it’s all about the merchandizing. Ok, he said it more like ‘moichandizing’, but you get the idea. We here at the ZRC are thrilled with the results of our advocacy and the ongoing Lurch for the Cure campaign and have decided to stage a big event in the so-called real world, [...]