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Videos from Sunday

| February 28, 2011

Sorry, been sick and recovering today. Managed to get sick from being out in the cold without adequate clothing yesterday. My own fault, entirely. Here are some videos from the Sunday protests that I’ve uploaded so far: Will upload more later.

Sunday Update

| February 28, 2011

When I heard the Capitol was supposed to close down I rushed over to see if I could get in. I was actually prepared to get arrested when they were slated to clear the place. As it turns out, that couldn’t happen, because… well.. too many other people had the same idea. So I hung [...]

Pictures and Video from Capitol, 2/26/2011

| February 27, 2011

Full set here. Some of my favorites below. (Internet meme signs are popular lately) (This takes some dedication. I bet this individual loves geek.kon) (Yet another kid who Scott Walker doesn’t care about and was willing to endanger for political points if only he could make it pay off) (Gov. Walker would probably like Sparta. [...]

Pictures from Friday 2/25/2011 at the Capitol

| February 26, 2011

You know the drill by now, whole set is available here. Select faves below. (Indeed it is.) (310 now!) (A test Walker failed easily) (People are furious about his plot, never carried out, to use provocateurs on the peaceful crowds) (Still occupied.)

Is Even One of America’s Anti-Union Governors Not a Criminal, Druggie, Dropout, Idiot or Fraud?

| February 26, 2011

After an exchange on Twitter last night about Mitch Daniels, I got to thinking: are any of the big name Republican Anti-Union governors who are in the news gunning for union rights not idiots or criminals? So far, the answer is: no! Let’s run down the list, shall we: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Dropout, Cheat [...]

More Videos from the Capitol and Elsewhere

| February 26, 2011

Some more videos from Madison. (Here’s the protester group heading out for the Koch lobbyists’ offices) (Some video of the actual protest outside the Koch office) (Some very nice musicians came by last night to entertain those of us who slept over at the Capitol) (The Capitol protesters appreciate all the hard work the Assembly [...]

The Police are with Us

| February 26, 2011

Here is some excellent news: the cops are coming over, formally, to the side of the protesters: At the same time, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association issued a statement that they stand with the protesters. Jim Palmer, executive director of the WPPA, said in a statement released Friday morning that Gov. Scott Walker should keep [...]

So-Called ‘Zombie Defense’ Table Neither Good for Defense Nor as Table

| February 26, 2011

I really can’t see how this ‘Zombie Defense’ table qualifies as a win, consisting as it does of one slanty leg and a small round piece of wood that can be used as a shield. I mean, ok, let’s say you have an assailant in your home. Are you likely to have time to take [...]

Extremely Disturbing Web Game Harnesses Power of Google Maps to Create Smurfpocalypse

| February 26, 2011

A new web game put out by one Mike Lacher uses the power of Google Street View to create its own Zombie Apocalypse… sort of: Enter a location and run from zombies inside street view. Please use Google Chrome (Safari tends to be okay too). This is rather experimental, so please let me know if [...]

Another 3D ‘Night of the Living Dead’

| February 25, 2011

Fun fact: when your movie accidentally slipped into the public domain, as did George Romero’s original ‘Night of the Living Dead’, you can’t stop people from remaking it any way they see fit. Bonus fun fact: thanks to ‘Avatar’, 3D movies are here to stay, and thanks to the bizarre financial success of ‘Resident Evil: [...]