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Zombie Tales Volume 4: This Bites (Review)

| January 26, 2010

So I waded into the pile of Zombie media we have to review and picked up the fourth collection of Zombie Tales, entitled ‘This Bites’. Appropriate enough, on the whole. This volume has a number of acclaimed writers slumming in the field of Zombie-bashing comics, including one, Kim Krizan, who’s been nominated for an Oscar [...]

Re: Your Brains in ASL

| January 25, 2010

On the one hand, it’s fascinating to see this American Sign Language translated youtube video; click on the lower right corner for a Closed Caption option that re-translates the ASL back into English in real time so you can see the differences in structure between ASL and English. Very fascinating, very cool implementation. On the [...]

Review of ‘Start of Darkness’

| January 20, 2010

The ZRC picked up a copy of Rich Burlew’s Start of Darkness, a prequel story/book to his popular webcomic ‘The Order of the Stick‘, while on a recent trip to the local game store here in Madison to acquire the grey-green dice to play Zombie Cafe. It was an unrelated purchase at first, but upon [...]

ZRC at B-Movie Madness 2 (Photos)

| January 19, 2010

Lots of images of our highly successful outing to B-Movie Madness 2 last weekend in Chicago. I apologize for the graininess of these pictures; our digital camera is rather elderly, and the new camera model we are looking to upgrade to doesn’t come out until next month. (Images behind this cut to spare our bandwidth [...]

ZRC at B-Movie Madness

| January 18, 2010

(Pictures from B-Movie Madness will follow in an upcoming post) So your humble ZRC representatives went to the B-Movie Madness 2 film festival this weekend in grey, chilly Chicago, and a good time was had by all. First we would like to offer up thanks to our hosts The Horror Society, who ran a fun [...]

Zombie Cafe: The Review

| January 13, 2010

  A couple of weeks ago now, the ZRC received a comment on our blog from game creator Wayne West of Spare Brains Games, who kindly offered to send us a review copy of their Zombie Cafe card game. Of course the ZRC was very pleased to take up this noble responsibility, and so last [...]

Dead Man’s Carnival

| January 6, 2010

Well, the ZRC went out this last weekend for a public appearance, to see the Saturday show at the High Noon Saloon here in icy Madison, Wisconsin, featuring as it did ‘Dead Man’s Carnival’. From a Zombie Rights perspective, the name was a bit of a misnomer; there didn’t appear to be anyone there who [...]

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #6

| January 6, 2010

Well, I finally got my copy of Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #6 (stupid holiday weekend, stupid shipping). Honestly, this is a bit of a filler issue. It’s funny enough, with your zany Deadpool antics and Z-Pool continues in his wacky, but ultimately heroic, quest to return home to the Zombieverse and prevent himself from [...]