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Zombie Cultural Appreciation Month

| April 30, 2010

So it seems that we have an online counterpart in the Anti-Zombie camp, namely the Zombie Research Society. They model themselves as a research organization dedicated to protecting the public from a nefarious threat. That threat? Why, the ‘Zombie pandemic’, of course. The Zombie Research Society has a number of pieces up covering aspects of [...]

XKCD Gets on the Zombie Bashing Wagon

| April 30, 2010

So the latest comic from nerd-tastic XKCD contains a take on the traditional Zombie Pandemic scenario: As you can see, Randall Munroe has decided to show his true lifeist colors with this heartless display of anti-Zombie violence, but also note how closely he adheres to several outdated Zombie stereotypes. Zombies are created in a laboratory [...]

Zombie Rights Campaign Youtube Channel

| April 26, 2010

Now that we’ve finally gotten ourselves a very slick and up-to-date digital camera, the ZRC has also decided to take a stab at videographically documenting our long and noble struggle for Zombie Rights. Or in this case, making a silly test video to try and learn the camera features. Warning: this video is both very [...]

Left 4 Dead 2 DLC

| April 25, 2010

My Xbox is telling me that there’s a new Left 4 Dead 2 addon. I’d previously read a bit about it, and apparently the downloadable content adds a bit of backstory and allows a crossover between the casts of the two games. Further, one of the original cast is supposed to die in the course [...]

The Trashiest Zombie Flick of All Time?

| April 19, 2010

I’m really not sure what to make of this latest likely import from our trading partners across the Pacific: The Twitch film website began streaming a trailer for the live-action movie adaptation of Rei Mikamoto’s KyonyÅ« Dragon (The Big Tits Dragon) zombie action manga on Sunday. (Viewers must verify their age before watching.) The main [...]

Zombie-Bashing in Supermodern 3D

| April 18, 2010

So after following a banner ad the other day I discovered that there’s a new Resident Evil movie looking to capitalize on the breathtaking success (and high technology) of Avatar coming out this September. The movie apparently is being shot with the Cameron 3D system, presumably the one from Avatar, for a film with tons [...]

Xbox Zombie Promotion

| April 15, 2010

Seems like Xbox Live is promoting various ‘zombie’ games and products this week. They have the Yet Another Zombie Defense game that was already reviewed here on the ZRC blog, as well as other games and products, various Hollywood movies, etc. If only we could get this kind of exposure for positive Zombie experiences.

Looking Forward to Women of Horror 2

| April 8, 2010

Ahh, convention season. So busy. Though our next trip is a bit easier on the old driving muscles (aka my aching lower right leg). As mentioned on the front page’s convention schedule, the ZRC’s next public appearance is at the Women of Horror 2 Film Festival in Chicago at the lovely and historic Portage Theatre [...]

ZRC Went to Horrorhound

| April 7, 2010

I keep forgetting, amidst all the behind the scenes stuff, to update the blog. I am deeply shamed. We went to Horrorhound a week and a half ago, and man was it a lot of fun in the name of Zombie Rights. This year we didn’t have a booth, unfortunately, but we made up for [...]