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The Walking Dead – Season 9 First Half Thoughts

Well, they finally did it (or did they?).

AMC’s flagship show promoting Undead Intolerance has boldly moved into the future.

The subjective future of their characters anyway.

Several years after Rick-not-quite-perished detonating a perfectly good bridge just because Zombies wanted to use it, we see the post-apocalyptic communities still huddling behind their walls, still hoarding resources and excluding the Differently Animated.

But a new threat looms in the wilderness, which the designated ‘heroes’ gradually uncover… the famed ‘Whisperers’ from the comic series, who finally appear in the final episode of the first half.

What is the big threat of the Whisperers? Well… they live side by side with Zombies.

They communicate with Zombies.

They co-exist with Zombies.

And, from our perspective in the final episode, they even defend Zombies from the typically short-sighted attacks of the cast of The Walking Dead.

Naturally, The Whisperers will be the long-running show’s new antagonists. But why shouldn’t they be seen as pioneers? Revolutionaries looking for a better, more peaceful way to live than walls and dogs and pointless pit traps?

A bigger world, right? That was Rick’s supposed brain storm?

The Whisperers seem to have that going for them.

Just a thought.

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