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World War Z: The ZRC Review

| June 29, 2013

After a recent bout of illness nearly had your ZRC President joining the ranks of the Undead a bit earlier than planned, I recovered, and the ZRC Madison staff saw ‘World War Z’ on Thursday. Naturally, we were appalled at the treatment of the Undead in the film. That in and of itself wasn’t surprising. [...]

‘The Zombie Song’ Has Living-Undead Romance, But Negative Imagery Abounds

| June 17, 2013

This is a very catchy song. About Zombies. It has a fairly positive and occasionally quite sympathetic portrayal of Zombies. But… well, just wait until the ending. I’m afraid we can’t endorse this sort of ultimately destructive relationship, even in the name of Living-Undead alliance. Still, if you need something to listen to today, it [...]

The Straight Dope Displays Straight Prejudice

| June 17, 2013

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we can admit that the ZRC are occasional Straight Dope readers. It’s nice to have someone out there debunking myths and urban legends and outright zany-ness (is that a word)? But when it comes to Zombies, I think that Cecil of Straight Dope fame is more than a bit misguided himself. Particularly unfair [...]

‘Ray’s the Dead’ Has Innovative Zombie Gameplay, Sadly Regressive Anti-Zombie Politics

| June 8, 2013

We’ve all heard of Stubbs the Zombie, one of the few videogames ever made from an Undead perspective. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were more? Well, there might be, if ‘Ray’s the Dead’ gets made. The ZRC became aware of ‘Ray’s the Dead’ from this reading this article, in which one of the creators [...]

‘Zombinista’ Promotes Stylish Intolerance

| June 8, 2013

We have rivals on the internet, fighting for the hearts and minds of the public vis a vis the Differently Animated. The ZRC expected this, and our traditional nemeses like the Zombie Research Society are well known and understood. But I have to admit to being blindsided by the idea of an Anti-Zombie Style blog. [...]

Anti-Zombie Genocide Simulation in Progress In Nebraska

| June 1, 2013

ZRC Correspondent and Pro-Zombie artist George Pfau brought us a hot tip about this bizarre (but given World War Z’s imminent release, likely to become less unusual) simulation of the Anti-Zombie end times being conducted in Nebraska, err, right now: Among the sturdy berms of Nebraska soil piled high at Heartland Public Shooting Park, those [...]

Technical timeout

| June 1, 2013

Art-and-codemonkey here: I’m tired of getting emails letting me know that spam comments are being held in the moderation queue, so I’ve hacked up the template PHP enough to stick in a CAPTCHA plugin. If anyone has any difficulties they should let us know by… well, perhaps not commenting, but the Twitter and the Facebook [...]