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Arrival in Bloomington

| September 30, 2009

The ZRC’s two selected representatives have arrived in Bloomington and checked into their hotel safe and sound. As yet there are no angry mobs, as well as a distinct scarcity of flaming torches or shotgun-toting hillbillies, so things are off to a fair start. Tomorrow is the big day, 7 pm EDT on the warm [...]


| September 26, 2009

We’ve been thinking a lot about language here at the ZRC lately; specifically, the language relating to the Undead and their long-denied struggle for acceptance and equality. When the living talk about Zombies, they often use terms like ‘rotting corpse’, ‘living dead’, ‘shambler’, ‘slow-walker’ and the like, expressing their disdain and intolerance. But even the [...]

Too Busy

| September 26, 2009

The new Woody Harrelson movie Zombieland comes out next weekend, October 2nd, when we will be down at the Dark Carnival at our first big ZRC public appearance. The store will go live very soon, there are 4 more zombie comics in the ZRC’s HeavyInk subscription queue *and* several zombie movies to watch out from [...]

Marvel Zombies Return – Iron Man

| September 25, 2009

I apologize for the lateness of this review, but as seen in the previous post, the ZRC has been quite busy with travel plans.  We shall bring the fight for Zombie Rights to the grey, damp Autumn campus of Indiana University in a mere five days.  Can you feel the excitement? On to the topic [...]

Major ZRC Public Appearance!

| September 20, 2009

Attention all Zombies and Zombie-allies! The Zombie Rights Campaign is pleased to announce a major public appearance in Bloomington, Indiana.  Prominent ZRC members will be in attendance for the 3rd Annual Dark Carnival Film Festival, a week long horror entertainment-fest.   The ZRC will be on hand to observe human-Zombie interaction, promote Undead Tolerance, and [...]

Marvel Zombies Return – Spiderman

| September 17, 2009

We’re approaching Halloween, and that means it’s a dark time of year for Zombies and their allies.   The anti-Zombie films are sliding into your local multiplexes, costume stores are full of Zombie props, and the anti-Zombie videogame industry is gearing up for the Left 4 Dead sequel.  It’s a tough time to confront lifeist [...]

Deadpool – Merc with a Mouth Issues 1-2

| September 11, 2009

In our continuing quest for a positive depiction of the undead in our media, the ZRC consumes a great deal of various entertainment products.  We see movies, watch television, read novels and, yes, comics.  As many of our readers are no doubt aware, there has been an enormous surge in popularity for comic books dealing [...]