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New ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff Details

| January 22, 2015

The Zombie Rights Campaign takes issue with ‘The Walking Dead’ tv series. It’s blatant fearmongering, served up with a side of gore and a big order of dysfunctional drama. Hmm. You can tell I am writing this before I have lunch. Ahem. At any rate, we’ve known that there will be a Walking Dead spinoff [...]

Harry Potter and Zombies

| January 20, 2015

An interesting topic was recently brought to the Zombie Rights Campaign’s attention by our friends/occasional ideological sparring partners at Why weren’t Zombies represented in the Harry Potter books? We’ve seen recent hubbub over religious representation in the books, but honestly, I had not given a lot of thought to Zombies at Hogwarts. Now, the [...]

Site Fixed! No Thanks to Me

| January 20, 2015

Welcome to 2015, Loyal Zombie Allies! The Zombie Rights Campaign will be back in force this year to try and advance the cause of Undead Equality. A big first thing to check off our to-do list was to resolve the odd loading issues with this very blog. It was very mysterious! Eventually though, the art [...]