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Metallica Still Makes Music Videos, Doesn’t Care for Zombies

| January 31, 2011

I can’t embed it here (no doubt because they fear criticism) but Metallica apparently put out a video some time ago for a song ‘cleverly’ called ‘All Nightmare Long’ – and it’s very Anti-Zombie. I learned this from a morning DJ who was raving about how ‘cool’ it was after playing the tune on the [...]

‘Brains for Lunch’: A More Zombie Friendly Book of Haiku?

| January 30, 2011

After our recent review of ‘Zombie Haiku’, the ZRC was pleasantly surprised to learn that there seems to be a much more Zombie Friendly haiku collection out there, called ‘Brains for Lunch: A Zombie Novel in Haiku?!’ – and it’s even aimed at the next generation, who need positive Zombie stories most of all: From [...]

New Anti-Zombie Facebook Game ‘Zombie Pandemic’

| January 30, 2011

It appears that Facebook, ever on the watch for new ways to be evil, has decided to ‘innovate’ by allowing an Anti-Zombie social game onto the site: One of the newest Facebook games that’s gaining a bit of speed (relative to its very young age of just a few days old) is Pixel Pandemic’s appropriately [...]

More International Politics and the Zombie Apocalypse

| January 30, 2011

We previously dealt with the work of one Daniel Drezner, a foreign policy analyst, professor of international politics at Tufts University’s Fletcher School and hater of Zombies, here on the ZRC blog when he penned a piece on Zombies and international relations for Foreign Policy magazine: A singular lack of empathy and research into the [...]

On Penny-Arcade, Self-Censorship and Sensitivity, Plus Our Open Letter to Penny Arcade

| January 30, 2011

Recently, popular webcomic ‘Penny-Arcade’ pulled a line of merchandise from their stores centered around fictional creatures called ‘Dickwolves’ whose only known attributes were that they were a: wolves and b: raped people. The Dickwolves originated from a comic satirizing the casual way that certain videogame genres interpret moral choices within their universes; ie, a character [...]

ZRC Reviews: ‘Zombie Haiku’ by Ryan Mecum

| January 29, 2011

Book about ‘Zombies’ Written in Haiku format Very bigoted. First, End of the World; The Narrator is bitten He becomes Undead. Gets very hungry, Acts out worst stereotypes Eats his own mother. Wanders the country To find people to devour Can’t just eat tofu? Gripping storyline, Reading may give you nightmares, Inspire hatred. ZRC condemns [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign and

| January 29, 2011

A dilemma presents itself for those of us in the Zombie Rights Movement, namely, in order to review and evaluate media, events and products for their relative Zombie Friendliness, or to perform outreach or open dialogue, it is often necessary to give money to people and organizations that do not share our goals, or even [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign Statement on Events in Egypt

| January 29, 2011

I’m sure our dedicated and socially conscious readership is aware of the tumultuous events occurring as we speak in Egypt, but for background I’ll attempt to provide a brief summary: -The dictatorial government of Tunisia, headed by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, recently collapsed in a sudden and largely unexpected revolution spurred by economic concerns [...]

Zombie Riding a Unicorn Cake Sends Mixed Messages

| January 28, 2011

Just take a look at this bizarre and colorful cake featuring Zombies, a robot AND a unicorn: I mean, it has a Robot and a Zombie riding a Unicorn. Awesome, right? Well.. look closer at the front of the cake: Isn’t that tragic? Everyone else on the cake is off having fun and this poor [...]

Walking Dead Branches Out to Videogames? Valve Must Not Be Happy Right About Now

| January 28, 2011

News from the rumor mill suggests that Kirkman’s Anti-Zombie magnum opus may soon take on videogame form: 1UP is reporting that Telltale Games sent them a mysterious invitation to an event where they will be announcing a video game “based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing [...]