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To Make This Anti-Zombie Movie They Needed Ignorance, Fear and Hatred, But Not a Script

| December 30, 2011

I’m not kidding with that title, folks: Hollywood has come to Youngstown to shoot a movie in less than a week with hundreds of local actors, extras and production staff. “The Zombinator,” an independent horror flick, is in production right now and uses Youngstown and surrounding communities as its backdrop. … Myers first came to [...]

‘All Zombies Must Die’ Released, Much to Our Dismay

| December 30, 2011

We’ve been following this one on the ZRC blog for a while, and at last, the dread time is upon us: Microsoft and doublesix have announced that the Xbox 360 version of All Zombies Must Die! is now available via Xbox LIVE, priced 800 MP. The spiritual successor to Burn Zombie Burn! drops up to [...]

‘Zombie Restaurants’? Really?

| December 29, 2011

Once again we find a journalist using ‘Zombie’ as a casual, and remarkably poorly-informed, insult: When OC-based Real Mex Restaurants, operator of Chevys, El Torrito, and Acapulco, filed for bankruptcy protection in October, it closed only 30 of its 156 locations. Sbarro, the Italian fast-food chain, shuttered just 31 of its 429 U.S. stores. This [...]

Fun Outdoor Activity or Extremist Training Camp for Young Living Supremacists?

| December 29, 2011

Look, I get that there’s a great deal of concern about physical fitness and exposing children to a potential love of the outdoors, I really do. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about getting that exposure for your spawn, and this? This is the wrong way. This week, kids from [...]

More Casual Zombie-Bashing from the Mainstream Media

| December 29, 2011

What does a roundup of new tech-lit books have to do with casual Zombie-bashing? Why not ask Kara Swisher? She seems to be a fan of Anti-Zombie prejudice, dropping little gems like: It’s funny that they, and also Hoffman, are using the hopelessly analog term “blueprint,” but I like the retro feel. No surprise, Thiel’s [...]

Just What We Didn’t Need: A Living Supremacist Christmas Song

| December 26, 2011

We got forwarded this link on the ZRC Twitter over the holiday weekend, and naturally, we were disgusted: Sample Lyrics: Throwing a rock Unloading my Glock Hurling Molotovs Nothing makes ‘em stop Living in a land where everyone is dead Gonna put this one last bullet right through my own head. Yes, it’s a ‘festive’ [...]

‘Braaaaains’ Beanie Deeply Misleading

| December 26, 2011

From BuyZombie we learn of yet another Zombie Apocalypse themed clothing product: When the zombies strike, an abundance of warning signs can help prevent the spread of infection. Our advice? Wear a reminder. It may seem obvious but humans are easily distracted, especially when they find a stash of canned foods with valid expiration dates. [...]

‘Diary of a Zombie Kid’ Shut Down by Poor Sports/Possible Anti-Zombie Bigots

| December 24, 2011

Here at the ZRC we tend to be critical of the ongoing trend to just splash a bit of Zombie flavor into anything entertainment related and rake in the bucks; we even have a blog tag for it, ‘Don’t Use the Zed Word’. This comes up a *lot*. Yet when I saw this story about [...]

Why Zombies Supposedly Don’t Look Like Santa

| December 23, 2011

Another day, another thoughtless ZRS post to discuss. Here’s one for the holidays, sort of, entitled ‘Why Zombies Don’t Look Like Santa’: Since it’s commonly thought that a person’s hair and nails continue to grow after death, shouldn’t all male zombies have long beards? The short answer is: no. Despite popular belief, human hair and [...]

‘Woody Allen Jesus’ Song Censored from ITV; Was It Because It Said Jesus Was a Zombie?

| December 23, 2011

Musician and comedian Tim Minchin recently ran into a bit of censorship over a not-terribly-edgy comedy song about Jesus he composed for a Pre-Christmas special on British tv network ITV: So I got to writing. Being Christmas, I thought it would be fun to do a song about Jesus, but being TV, I knew it [...]