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2013: Working Toward A Very Zombie New Year

| December 31, 2012

We have a lot to look forward to in the next year, and a lot to work toward, of course. ‘World War Z’ will rear its ugly, Living Supremacist head. Capcom will produce half a dozen games about hating Zombies. ‘The Walking Dead’ will continue to make more money than Robert Kirkman could ever spend [...]

Nifty Last-Minute Christmas Idea

| December 22, 2012

Zombie families don’t get much play in our Living Supremacist media, so we’re always on the lookout for something Zombie Family Friendly. This ornament highlighted by BuyZombie might fit the bill: Gingerbread Zombie Dad – Christmas Ornament It’s a “gornament,” a zombie-themed Christmas ornament Shaped like a gingerbread zombie Exquisite level of gory details Material: [...]

The 21st is Neither the ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ Nor the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

| December 19, 2012

Folks, there’s a lot of loose talk out there about some ‘Apocalypse’ or other coming up on the 21st, and the ZRC is here to tell you: Zombies will not be involved. Seriously. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Actual Mayans have something to say about this silly calendar doomsday [...]

Corporate Logos, ‘Re-Imagined for the Zombie Apocalypse’

| December 11, 2012

I’m not sure about the likelihood of major corporate re-branding during any ‘Apocalypse’; it seems like they’d have better things to do than roll out an ad campaign in the midst of a national crisis. Then again, American Apparel was stupid enough to do just that for Hurricane Sandy, so perhaps my suspicion is unwarranted? [...]

Discovery Channel Teams Up with Dr. Schlozman to Peddle Zombie Apocalypse Fears

| December 8, 2012

Well, this is truly a disheartening example of media pandering: Discovery Channel has ordered the documentary special Zombie Apocalypse, which examines whether a walking dead-style invasion is actually possible and introduces a quartet of people from various backgrounds who are readying themselves, just in case. Sigh… Really, Discovery Channel? You’re pushing Living Supremacism on an [...]

Fearful, Misguided Nation Stocking Up on Weapons in Fear of the Undead?

| December 8, 2012

Truly a sad story comes to us from the Huffington Post (although for inexplicable reasons they seem to think it’s funny rather than sad): My reports that, according to FBI data, background checks for guns rose 20 percent on Black Friday from the same day last year. According to KIRO, one gun rights advocate [...]

Shameless Reliance on BuyZombie for Assistance

| December 3, 2012

While Zombie Law School and NaNoWrimo have been keeping us busy on non-ZRC matters around here, BuyZombie has taken up the slack nicely. They have two reviews of new Zombie novels out lately, both of which are apparently novel takes on the ‘Zombie apocalypse’ from a Zombie’s perspective. Tragically, one is apparently far better than [...]

NaNoWriMo 2012: Oops

| December 3, 2012

So, posts on the site have been a bit light lately. Ok, extremely light. There are two reasons: one is that pursuing the degree to become the world’s first Zombie Rights Lawyer takes a rather shockingly huge amount of time/effort/soul-crushing despair. The second is that, taunted by longtime ZRC collaborator/Lord of the Pit Michelle Hartz, [...]