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Updates on ‘Song of the Living Dead’

| August 31, 2011

We mentioned the apparently-full-of-Anti-Zombie-stereotyping musical ‘Song of the Living Dead’ once before here at the ZRC, and now the reviews are in, so to speak, and it doesn’t sound good. First, an overview piece tells us that the play indeed indulges in many of the worst and ugliest prejudices about the Differently Animated: Promethean’s Margaret [...]

Shameful Anti-Zombie Pandering from E!

| August 31, 2011

Just take a look at the story that E! Online is pitching with the headline ‘Brad Pitt Becomes Real Life Hero, Rescues Woman From Zombie Attack’: While shooting a scene in which 700 extras flee a pack of zombies, a woman slipped and fell, putting her at risk of being trampled by her fellow actors. [...]

Engadget Promotes Harmful Zombie Apocalypse Myth to Push a Phone

| August 30, 2011

I’m genuinely tired of seeing products marketed for the Zombie Apocalypse with no rational basis. Take this phone that Engadget thinks is worth keeping on hand for what is supposedly the end of days: You can never be too prepared. Whether you’re being chased by brain sucking zombies, hunted down by ruthless killer robots, or [...]

‘All Zombies Must Die’ Update

| August 30, 2011

We told you about this game before on the ZRC blog, but ‘All Zombies Must Die’ is currently being exhibited at PAX and there are new details available: All Zombies Must Die is a twin-stick shooter where you and three friends sit around your living room (no online co-op yet, but it may be added [...]

Australia’s Troubled History With Zombie-Related Media Censorship Continues

| August 29, 2011

I can understand how the general public might assume that the ZRC would be in favor of censorship of the violent and depraved Anti-Zombie media, but I can assure you that is not the case. We believe, here at the ZRC, in the marketplace of ideas, and that the best way to counter Anti-Zombie, even [...]

A Different Sort of Apocalypse

| August 29, 2011

From a ZRC Twitter pal comes a tale to illustrate how silly the Zombie Apocalypse genre really is, by substituting another unlikely foe of Living humans for the Undead. Dolphins. Yes, dolphins: Still, Terry has been hunted his whole life, and nobody has caught him yet. Using stealth techniques learned from a lifetime of scavenging [...]

Louisville ‘Zombie Attack’ Unfortunately Named But Seemingly Zombie Friendly Labor of Love for the Undead

| August 29, 2011

Now this is truly an astonishing story of perseverance and hard work to bring back a vibrant and upbeat celebration of Undead Culture: Every year at 8:29 p.m. on August 29, zombies invade Bardstown Road between Eastern Parkway and Bearno’s in the Highlands. People spice it up with themes for their zombie costumes including brides, [...]

Zombie Public Event: Visalia Zombie Ball and Crawl

| August 28, 2011

Some of the fundraising dips lightly into Anti-Zombie imagery but on the whole this sounds like a lovely event that the Zombie Ally community might consider chipping in for: Come join us for some rockin’ undead fun at Visalia’s third-annual VISALIA ZOMBIE BALL & CRAWL, brought to you by none other than Central Valley Horror [...]

“Zombie Burger + Drink Lab” Sadly Seems Anti-Zombie After All

| August 28, 2011

We previously mentioned what seemed like great news for a Zombie-themed, and perhaps even Zombie Friendly burger restaurant opening in Des Moines. Well, the grand opening fast approaches, and alas, while the Zombie theme is intact, the Zombie Friendliness seems to be absent: With seating for more than 100 on its sidewalk patio, the restaurant’s [...]

‘The Vegan Zombie’ Spreads Prejudice, Recipes to Support Lifestyle

| August 27, 2011

Normally here on the ZRC blog, the most we discuss dietary matters is in our ongoing effort to dispel certain harmful myths about Zombies and their nutritional requirements (ie, that all Zombies eat human brains, that they cannot control their craving for your flesh, etc). However today we have an example of advocates of a [...]