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Top 10 Moments in Zombie Advocacy 2010

| December 31, 2010

Here we have, not strictly in order, our Top 10 favorite moments from 2010′s campaign for Zombie Rights. 10) Annoying a bunch of sad, self-important nerd-fans of Mega64 It all started with a terse critique I made of a silly internet video, and turned into a feud between the ZRC and dozens of poorly socialized, [...]

Command a Zombie Army on the iPhone

| December 30, 2010

2012 Zombies vs. Aliens is a new iPhone game with an intriguing premise: In 2012, Aliens in search of new habitats wiped out the human race, having mistaken humans for just another pest on Earth. Their massive alpha particle weapons laid waste to all human life on the planet, leaving them free to sow the [...]

No Room for Zombies at the Lodge

| December 30, 2010

A new Anti-Zombie movie in or about to start production entitled ‘Blood Lodge’ is holding a benefit of sorts for the film on January 8th in New Jersey: MULLICA TOWNSHIP – Graffiti Playhouse Productions, a South Jersey-based film company, is hosting a benefit party 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 8 for its new [...]

Fangoria, Adolescent Literacy and ‘No Flesh May Be Spared’

| December 30, 2010

Fangoria recently posted a fairly extensive review of a new Anti-Zombie book that, quite frankly, we hadn’t heard of here at the ZRC just yet called ‘No Flesh May Be Spared’. Said book apparently depicts a cruel world where Zombies are used as fodder for gladiatorial contests hearkening in style to the current ultimate fighting [...]

‘Zombie Satellite’ Not Nearly As Cool As It Sounds

| December 30, 2010

I know, I know; another day, another questionable use of the term ‘Zombie’: A geostationary satellite that become a “zombie” earlier this year and stopped communicating with ground controllers has now finally been reset and is under control. The Galaxy 15 communications satellite had its “brains fried” by a solar flare and went rogue in [...]

This Is Getting Ridiculous – War of the Worlds Has Been Rewritten with Zombies

| December 29, 2010

Seriously, enough is enough, people. Slapping the Differently Animated into random historical works of fiction that are well in the public domain has gone from novel to quaint to outright derivative hackery. Now we get H.G. Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’, but with Zombies: It was in 2009 that Seth Grahame-Smith released “Pride and Prejudice [...]

‘Zombie’ Tech Article Flattering, Somewhat Better Use of Term

| December 28, 2010

We’ve talked here at the ZRC about the overuse of the term ‘Zombie’ to describe things that a given individual doesn’t like. ‘Zombie’ ideas, ‘Zombie’ banks and so forth. Up until now this overly broad application of the term had always been pejorative, but today I saw this article: Zombie Tech: These Ceiling Lights Are [...] Puts Out (Probably) Anti-Zombie Book

| December 28, 2010

I mean, just look at the title: “You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News” How exactly is that ‘bad news’, For the blanket assumption that being a Zombie is somehow automatically ‘bad’ news alone, I think we can most likely peg this one as Anti-Zombie. When you read the description, though, it [...]

‘Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?’ Promotional Video Available, and Very, Very Strange

| December 28, 2010

‘Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?’ is, as previously mentioned, a new anime series debuting in Japan in a few weeks featuring a Zombie protagonist. A fairly lengthy promotional video is now online, and… Yeah. This looks like one strange show. Part harem-comedy, part horror series, part Magical Girl thing (think Sailor Moon if you’re not [...]

Rating ‘Zombie’ Movies Without Regard to Zombies

| December 27, 2010

Google pointed me to this interview in the Fall River, MA Herald News with author and zombie film critic (as opposed to Zombie film critic, a Zombie who reviews movies) Tony Schaab: What do a devout family man, Humane Society volunteer, DJ, actor, comedian, troupe manager of the comedy improvisational troupe IndyProv, college enrollment coordinator, [...]