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The ZRC Reviews ‘KIDZ’

| March 31, 2011

The Zombie Rights Campaign pays special attention to the way that Anti-Zombie demagogues and raving Zombie hating conspiracy theorists try to market their violence and depravity toward children. Whether it’s cutesy Anti-Zombie videogames like Plants vs. Zombies making their way into American homes, potentially Anti-Zombie messaging in children’s books or vicious pranks against Zombies alongside [...]

The Zombie Rights Campaign Endorses and Helps Fund ‘Mother’s Blood’

| March 31, 2011

Working with independent filmmakers is one of our favorite activities here at The Zombie Rights Campaign, and we’d like to think our travel to film festivals, attendance at innumerable conventions and consultation with independent filmmakers, actors and artists has made a positive and lasting impact. Naturally, when we come across a promising project in production, [...]

Single Shirt Defames Zombies, Aliens AND Robots

| March 31, 2011

Zombies are the trendy group to malign in today’s popular culture, but we have to remember that they’ve taken on this dubious and unfortunate distinction only in fairly recent history, after losing their formerly high ranking in the list of Acceptable Targets of Scorn that society seems to maintain in its collective unconscious in the [...]

Zombie Tools Website: Arming D&D Nerds for the Zombie Apocalypse (Which Will Never Come)

| March 30, 2011

At anime and sci-fi conventions there’s always a booth where some guy is selling swords. Err, sorry, ‘swords’. I put the word in quotes because, really, very few people know how to make bladed weapons anymore, and most of what you’ll see marketed as efficient weapons are, in fact, overly complicated, frilly decorative pieces that [...]

World War Z Film May Be Bailed Out Yet

| March 30, 2011

The ill-advised attempt to adapt Max Brooks’ infamous Anti-Zombie epic, ‘World War Z’, into a feature film starring Brad Pitt seemed to have hit a major snag recently when it was revealed that funding for the movie was hard to come by in these troubled economic times. It appears the studio behind this modern day [...]

Capcom to Remake Resident Evil 2-3; Tentative Title is ‘Resident Evil: The Search for More Money’

| March 29, 2011

Capcom loves their Resident Evil remakes. Resident Evil 1 has had almost innumerable versions, including a ‘Director’s Cut’ and a complete reboot on the Gamecube. Most RE games get at least one port to a new platform with added content and extra features. Still, this latest re-issue is something a bit different: Resident Evil: Operation [...]

Another Anti-Zombie Game Emerges (Updated and Corrected)

| March 29, 2011

Update: As per a comment below, apparently Project Zomboid is not an MMO at all, but a Minecraft style game which features vicious Anti-Zombie behavior. As such it is not part of the Anti-Zombie MMO trend but rather part of an even larger trend of upcoming Anti-Zombie games with online multiplayer, often in a strategic [...]

‘White Flag of the Dead’ Can’t See the Easiest Path to Peace is Not Fighting Pointless War

| March 28, 2011

I understand, Zombie-phobes out there, I really do. I was once a lot like you. I was afraid of Zombies. I’d seen the movies, read the books, played the games, and internalized the messages of hate and fear of the Differently Animated so endemic to our culture. But then one day, it suddenly occurred to [...]

Zombie Wizard T-Shirt Is Fine with Us

| March 28, 2011

Just a quick update to show you a shirt that for once we don’t have to condemn. I know, I know! Buy Zombie pointed us toward this very 80s metal album cover-esque Zombie Shadow Mage shirt: It’s not often that you hear about zombie ‘mages’ which is actually kind of surprising. The official description does [...]

Think Geek’s Attempt to Defame the Differently Animated – With Plushies

| March 27, 2011

The hits keep on coming from known Anti-Zombie merchant Think Geek, who apparently now sell ‘Electronic Horror’ plush dolls in both an Anti-Zombie *and* an Anti-Vampire form: These delightful monster plush are very, very hungry. After being undead for ages without a snack, who wouldn’t be? Let Count Suckula dine on your blood and he [...]