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December 2014
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Bloggery, Site Issues, End of Semester Housekeeping

Posted By on December 2, 2014

Hello ZRC Allies! Apologies for more or less a month offline, though not off the Cause; your ZRC President’s second-to-last semester of law school has proven to be a killer.

Fortunately, not in the Umbrella sense, just in the entire books of dry legal reading to do sense.

We will be doing a lot more over the break and attempting to bring a bit of pro-Zombie cheer into the holiday season!

In the meantime, The Zombie Rights Campaign thanks you for your patience and for doing your part to further Undead Equality.

PS: We are aware of some continuing slowness with the website and are investigating options to alleviate it, including a potential site redesign. Thanks even more for your patience in THIS area.

ZRC Review ‘Zombie Killer’ Cyser/Mead

Posted By on December 2, 2014

Lately, the ZRC blog has been delving into the world of Zombie-themed alcohol reviews. We’ve covered several notable beers, but hadn’t gotten around to one of the more popular Zombified alcohols: ‘Zombie Killer’ from B. Nektar.

First, a bit of fun learning! ‘Zombie Killer’ refers to itself as a Cyser. If you’re like me, you have no idea what that word means, but a bit of googling revealed the answer.

A Cyser is a particular subtype of mead, made with (Insert description here).

Those technical details aside, how does the product relate to Zombie Rights?

Well… the name is a pretty big giveaway. Zombie Killer Cyser celebrates, well…

killing Zombies.

Shocking, we know. Terrible even! It’s about the most overt prejudice we’ve ever seen displayed on a food or beverage product.

Just take a gander at this artwork:

Bloody violence against the Undead is no way to sell alcohol. Even if it’s highly stylized, as seen here.

The Zombie Rights Campaign is appalled.

We rate Zombie Killer Cyser as Living Supremacist

Alcoholic intolerance. As opposed to alcohol intolerance.

PS: You might be wondering how the actual mead tastes. I’m not much of a mead connoisseur in general, but this is refreshing and delicious, easily drinkable. A pity it’s not more tolerant as well.

The ZRC Trip to ‘Nightmare on Chicago Street’ 2014 with Pictures

Posted By on November 1, 2014

Hello out there, Zombie Rights supporters!

This is our slightly belated post about ‘Nightmare on Chicago Street’ 2014; there were some slight camera issues but it’s all worked out now.


Saturday, October 25th the Zombie Rights Campaign once again traveled to, well, chilly Elgin Illinois for their Halloween spectacular/outreach event known as ‘Nightmare on Chicago Street‘. In the few years we have been going it has grown from a relatively small street festival to an almost outrageously large Halloween bash. That’s good!

Unfortunately it hasn’t grown significantly more Zombie tolerant, despite our efforts. That’s bad!

Oh well. We got to go out, talk to a bunch of people, Living and Zombie alike, and bribe many Chicago area humans with candy to be more appreciative of the Undead.

In particular, our campaign to Ban Headshots (for being unfair to the Differently Animated) seems to be getting off to a solid start. Several people said they would support a ballot initiative to that effect!

Others even wanted us to produce a Voter Guide, which we will *definitely* do for the big 2016 election year once I am out of school. After all, Zombie Rights is the issue of our time, and you should vote accordingly.

More pictures here.

ZRC Review: ‘Evil Dead: the Musical’

Posted By on October 11, 2014

A couple of weeks ago the ZRC had the opportunity to take in a showing of ‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ at the Capitol Theatre here in Madison, and then due to travel and film festivals and what not, your humble blogger forgot to write about it.


Obviously we at The Zombie Rights Campaign have strong feelings on the ‘Evil Dead’ issue; we even made a shirt in support of the Deadites (and in opposition to their cruel taskmaster, the Necronomicon).

‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ is essentially a compilation of the first two Evil Dead films (plus a bit of ‘Army of Darkness’) into, well… a musical.

With lots of blood. In fact, that’s a selling point; the first five rows of the show were designated the Splash Zone, and marketed as a place where you will get into the action, or at least, the fake blood supply.

We hope it’s fake blood.

The Zombie Rights Campaign picked up a couple of seats immediately behind said zone to see the performance. Our thoughts?

‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ is stridently Anti-Zombie, even more so than most Anti-Zombie media. The Deadites are explicitly labeled as ‘evil’, including a song ‘Look Who’s Evil Now’ where Living characters become Deadites and immediately engage in comedically exaggerated violence against their still-Living cohorts.

The plot is mostly as you’d expect. Ash, the designated hero, stands idly by while the Book of the Dead (obviously the real villain) lays waste to the cabin and generally causes havoc, until eventually he realizes his ‘destiny’ by becoming an action movie serial killer.

The songs and performances on this tour were catchy and enjoyable, and the Art Director, who has been familiar with the soundtrack for some time (purchased many moons ago for research purposes) thought the live performances and singing were an improvement over the CD. If anything, of course, this makes the stage show more insidious, as no matter how committed you are to The Cause of Undead Equality, you may find yourself humming the songs for days.

A word on the merchandise: the ZRC has seen chainsaw related props for sale related to Anti-Zombie properties before (notably, our collection includes a nearly unusuable ‘controller’ for the PS2 version of a Resident Evil game shaped like a chainsaw, complete with tilt sensors so you can slash at the Zombies). Most of those chainsaw props/toys don’t come pre-splattered with blood and sized to fit childrens’ hands, however.

We strenuously object. To the movies, to the show, to the foamy indoctrinational toy, to all of it. When will people learn not to hate the Deadites? Poor, overworked, underpaid Deadites?

Clearly it’s the book’s fault. Been saying that for years.

‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ is rated Living Supremacist by The Zombie Rights Campaign.

ANd yet, songs still get stuck in my head from this show.

The Zombie Rights Campaign Goes to ‘Diabolique International Film Festival’

Posted By on September 27, 2014

The Zombie Rights Campaign likes to go to film festivals; it’s a great way to meet people who are interested in Zombies and, often after a bit of gentle cajoling, even interested in hearing about Zombie Rights.

That is, after all, what we do.

And we’ve been going to The Dark Carnival Film Festival since, well… before there really was a ZRC.

This year there was a big change in the Midwest’s flagship festival to celebrate and explore the broad and sometimes Anti-Zombie genre known as ‘horror’, in that The Dark Carnival found a new, and hopefully permanent, home at the Indiana University Cinema, and a new and also hopefully partner/sponsor in the good people at Diabolique Magazine. Appropriately enough, it has been rechristened the Diabolique International Film Festival.. though the name change does leave us feeling a tad nostalgic.

Sniffle. But times change and we must change with them, so on with the show!

And it was a fine show indeed. As you can see at this link, they had an impressive slate of films, and several featured Zombies and/or the Undead in prominent roles, which I will discuss and evaluate behind the cut. Minor but not world-ending spoilers to follow.


ZRC Review – ‘Doomsday Book’

Posted By on September 15, 2014

Today the ZRC would like to talk about ‘Doomsday Book’, a 2012 film from South Korea about the Zombie Apocalypse.

(Warning: The Wikipedia link is, as is common with wikipedia pages about movies, rife with spoilers.)

More behind the cut.


ZRC Review – ’3 Floyds Collaboration’ Beer from New Belgium

Posted By on August 24, 2014

What’s this, you ask? Another Zombie beer? Indeed!

First up, a note: the official name of this beer seems to be simply ’3 Floyds Collaboration’. Weird, I know. The ZRC thinks it should have been called ‘Zombies on Bikes’.

What sort of beer is it? Well, it’s a Grätzer, a Polish smoked ale. Quite a traditional brew, and a bit of an oddity all around.

Here’s New Belgium’s description:

Basically, Grätzer is a low alcohol smoked beer. Maybe a bit sour. A nice change of pace when well-executed.

The Zombie Rights Campaign has a few mixed feelings about this beer. Not the actual liquid; that’s quite good, and strongly resembles a Grätzer made by Vintage Brewing Company here in Madison, so it seems consistent with the style as well.

We’re just.. a little worried about all that brains imagery. Zombies are often painted, with a very broad brush, as brain-obsessed savages.

Then again, the ZRC uses brains in our logo, so we’d be hypocritical to deny that, in the right context, the brain as a symbol can be pro-Zombie.

Here we have a group of contented looking Zombies out for a ride on their bicycles. Not hurting anyone, not menacing anyone. Sure, they’ve brought snacks, but is that so wrong?

We’re going to give this one the benefit of the doubt and say that the ’3 Floyds Collaboration’ is also Zombie Friendly.

ZRC Review: Frontera Cilantro Green Olive Salsa

Posted By on August 24, 2014

Bear with us on this one for a moment.

Why is the ZRC reviewing a salsa, you might ask? Well, we’re always on the lookout for new Zombie, or Zombie-related, products, and like it or not, Zombie culture is being used to market a bewildering variety of things today in our capitalist society.

Apparently including salsa. Hence this review.

See, it’s a GREEN salsa, with a Frankenstinian (more ZC term for ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’) as mascot. Starting to feel a bit more Zombie after all.

As you can see, the jar’s ad copy does use the word ‘Monster’, but in a fairly positive way. Frontera seems to think that Zombies or other ‘monsters’ are still the sort of people you could have a good time and share some chips with.

Which is encouraging.

As for the salsa itself, well, it’s not bad. Very mild, very big on the olive flavor. Something for anyone, unless they hate green olives.

The ZRC rates this salsa as Zombie Friendly.

ZRC Review: ‘Blackheart’ Beer from 3 Floyds

Posted By on August 15, 2014

Another day, another fine Zombie product to review here on the ZRC blog.

Only this one is…. another beer.


Specifically, I am talking about the ‘Blackheart’ beer from 3 Floyds Brewing Company.

Now, we know 3 Floyds makes a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ themed beer, ‘Zombie Dust’, and will get to reviewing that eventually – it’s just hard to find here in Madison.

We’ll get to it eventually.

How about ‘Blackheart’, though?

First, get a closer look at that gorgeous bottle art; this beer seems to have a very cheerful Lich as its mascot.

We approve! Beer should make the drinker happy, whether Living or Undead.

But how *is* this beer?

Well, ‘Blackheart’ is supposed to be an English IPA. Nailing down just what an English IPA is can be a bit hard, but think of a somewhat maltier, somewhat less hoppy counterpart to American IPAs.

In this respect, ‘Blackheart’ does pretty well in our humble ZRC opinion, and the high score on Beer Advocate seems to agree. It’s definitely still a hoppy beer, but very drinkable.

A little restraint can go a long way. Something we just wish Robert Kirkman could learn.


Back on topic, ‘Zombie Dust’ aside, ‘Blackheart seems to be taking a step, or lurch, in the right direction for 3 Floyds. Plus it’s a pretty tasty beverage!

The Zombie Rights Campaign rates ‘Blackheart’ as Zombie Friendly.

ZRC Review: ‘Nightmare at Noon’ (Rifftrax Edition)

Posted By on August 15, 2014

The ZRC recently reviewed ‘Mutant’, a very 80s, very bad, very Anti-Zombie film starring Wings Hauser which was re-released with a humorous commentary track by the guys at Rifftrax.

You might think, having made one awful, slightly unusual Zombie film in the late 80s, Mr. Hauser would have been content. But apparently there was appetite for more, because ‘Nightmare at Noon’ came out shortly thereafter, and it too has been given the comedic working-over by the Rifftrax gang.

‘Nightmare at Noon’ is kind of a Zombie movie, but in many ways is more like George Romero’s lesser known carnage film, The Crazies. The unfortunate souls targeted for somehow socially acceptable violence have traits of both temporarily aggressive humans and the Differently Animated.

Still, if you’re turning literally green, seem Undead and are oppressed by The Man, the ZRC can hardly ignore your plight.

‘Nightmare at Noon’ is just as awful on the subject of Zombie Civil Rights as its predecessor ‘Mutant’, but somehow manages to be a much worse film. Getting through NaN is a hard, bitter slog, full of intense boredom. It’s easy to imagine the filmmakers felt the same way, because ‘Nightmare at Noon’ is actually three movies in one.

First, it is, as previously mentioned, a bad Anti-Zombie/Crazie film, for about the first hour.

(Mad Scientist Ahoy!)

Then, when the people behind the camera apparently got sick of shooting *that*, they started making a bad Western.

(Like Rick Grimes, But With Even Less Effective Leadership)

Finally, when the bad Western got old, they crowbarred in about ten minutes worth of a bad helicopter movie.

(Zoom Zoom Zoom!)

‘Nightmare at Noon’ is thus at least memorable for the sheer concentration and variety of its cinematic awfulness.

The Zombie Rights Campaign rates ‘Nightmare at Noon’ as Living Supremacist.

Also as Incredibly Tedious and Seriously Confused.