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July 2015
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ZRC Review: Z Nation Season 1

Posted By on July 23, 2015

Zombies on television. Obviously, the first thought for almost everyone is The Walking Dead, unless you’re talking about some of the progressive, more Zombie Tolerant shows from our friends in the UK.

The second thought for many will likely be Walking Dead’s spinoff/prequel, aptly named ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, which debuts this fall.

But there has been at least one other major cable Zombie show in the United States, from Syfy monster movie makers The Asylum, entitled ‘Z Nation’.

Z Nation is ostensibly about transporting the One Immune Human across a Zombie Infested Nation (hence the title) to mass produce a… well, not a cure, more like an Anti-Zombie vaccine.

Obviously not a Zombie Friendly concept. I mean, really. A vaccine against Undeath? Count us out at The Zombie Rights Campaign.

Still, the show grows beyond that premise, if slightly. Zombies start to seem a little less hostile, and the Living display a level of cohesion and reasonableness that is sorely lacking in, say, the Walking-Dead-o-verse. Meanwhile the communities of Living survivors across America range from crazy cults to lunatic ex-military holdouts to ordinary people trying to stay alive, even if they fail to recognize their Undead neighbors, for the moment, as fellow citizens.

There’s also a fair amount of biting social commentary in the show, and the characters, at least some of them, develop in promising, potentially Zombie-accepting ways.

Others, tragically, do not. One case in point is ’10K’, a particularly disturbed young sniper who has literally defined his entire existence around a goal of, err, re-killing 10,000 Undead Americans.

And then there’s Murphy, the One Immune Human. Well… it’s not much of a spoiler to suggest that his immunity is a bit negotiable, and his personal journey toward accepting at least a degree of Zombiism himself is a key piece of the show, not to get TOO spoilery.

The ZRC feels for those who are neither Living nor quite Undead. It’s a difficult place to be.

Still, on the whole, Z Nation is not kind to the Zombies, in spite of Murphy’s Undead evolution. Not kind at all. We rate it as Anti-Zombie.


ZRC Review: The Walking Deceased

Posted By on July 23, 2015

The Walking Dead, ahh, yes. Cultural phenomenon, to be sure. But, and this almost goes without saying by this point, rabidly, and unredeemably, Living Supremacist.

It’s also a show that is more than a little ripe for a satirical skewering, so The Zombie Rights Campaign was interested to learn of ‘The Walking Deceased’, a parody movie (now available on Netflix streaming).

First off, however, ‘The Walking Deceased’, while primarily poking some well-deserved fun at ‘The Walking Dead’, also takes jabs at everything from ‘Zombieland’ to ‘Warm Bodies’ and ‘Shaun of the Dead’, with smaller nods to various games, movies and other artifacts of the Zombie Industrial Complex.

It’s occasionally riotously funny. It’s also more than a little slow in places, and sometimes it runs its jokes into the ground.

The story is about what you might expect, if you’ve watched a lot of the previously mentioned Zombie media products. Sheriff Lincoln (the Rick Grimes analogue) wakes up in a hospital with some fairly obvious mental difficulties due to his prolonged coma (a popular fan theory for Actual Rick Grimes’ erratic and violent behavior). He quickly runs into refugee survivor characters from Zombieland, but sets off in search of his son, Chris, who the coma renders him unable to call anything but ‘Carl’.

Or rather, in true Walking Dead fashion, ‘Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhrl’.

From there it’s a series of failed rescues and comically inept survivorship attempts until the end credits. Malls will be abandoned, farms will be improperly defended, and on the whole, you’ll find yourself largely agreeing with Warm Bodies-esque Zombie ‘Romeo’ about the sad state of the Living human community.

Highlights include Chris/Carl, Romeo’s inner monologues, and the many, many 4th-wall cracking jokes at the various bizarre coincidences and logical gaps in The Walking Dead. If you’ve ever wondered why Walker skulls are ‘newborn baby soft’, then this might be the satire for you. If you haven’t watched/slogged through a lot of Zombie fiction, however, the jokes are going to have a lot less resonance.

A tougher question for the ZRC was, however, the rating to assign to this film. A lot of Zombies are needlessly killed, of course. But is that because THIS film is Living Supremacist, or because its source materials are?

In the end, we choose to believe, especially given Romeo’s inclusion, that this is a more tolerant understanding of the Differently Animated. The Zombie Rights Campaign therefore gives it a ‘Zombie Neutral’ rating.


‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Trailer Released

Posted By on July 13, 2015

Following on the heels of The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer this week was one for its new spinoff series, which purports to (somehow) explain the rapid implosion of Living society as a result of the Undead. Yes, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, set in sunny California, will attempt to demonstrate how Everything Went Wrong.

In about a month, if main show Walking Dead is to be believed.

The ZRC has never cared for the sudden onset ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ notion. First of all, it’s unfair to the Differently Animated. But second, it just doesn’t seem plausible, does it? Granted, the ‘disease’ in Walking Dead is remarkably lethal once symptoms set in via a bite, but aside from that, it isn’t remotely comparable to smallpox, let alone the bubonic plague or the 1918 Flu.

Yet civilizations the world over survived all of those pandemics, in most cases without the advantages of modern science and technology.

Somehow, modern human civilization is just much more fragile, we are supposed to believe.


Just watching this trailer you can spot a few possible explanations from the Walking Dead-o-verse. First, nobody with a firearm has decent aim. Second, no one has ever heard of a headshot. And third, everyone ignores all the Warning Signs right up until they collectively Flip Out and Panic.

Sigh. As a Living person myself, I’m starting to wonder if Robert Kirkman is prejudiced against us as well.

Stay tuned this fall to find out.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Trailer Arrives, Demonstrates Much More of the Same

Posted By on July 13, 2015

The Zombie Rights Campaign has, along with America, watched a lot of Walking Dead. More however is on the way, and the plight of Rick, his questionably-led survivor band, and the many innocent Zombies they oppress, is about to be unleashed once more on our nation.

Yes, there’s a trailer for the next season of The Walking Dead:

Although the internet has gone a bit crazy over this video, what’s most remarkable to the Zombie Rights Campaign is what it doesn’t show: any real changes.

Rick’s still crazy. The Walkers are still cruelly excluded from his violently gated community. Everyone who doesn’t trust him is in danger of being eaten, except for Michonne, because she has a magic sword.

Admittedly, magic swords are handy.

Also, everyone and everything is terrible forever, aka the premise of The Walking Dead.

The Zombie Rights Campaign will tune in to the show as it airs this fall, of course, because it is our solemn duty.

Our solemn, difficult duty.

ZRC Review: [REC] 4

Posted By on July 13, 2015

It’s been a long road for the [REC] series. The first two movies were set in a creepy apartment building in Barcelona which was apparently the site of some very Anti-Zombie experimentation by certain parties (avoiding spoilers, but it’s not Umbrella). The third movie, which the ZRC saw on the big screen, shifted locations to a wedding and ditched the found footage format of the first two movies, courting controversy and, in the humble opinion of your ZRC reviewers, losing most of the cinematic appeal of the first two films while lamentably not improving any in its depiction of Living-Zombie relations.

Tragic. And the critical response was not great either.

REC 4 therefore attempts to return to its roots, featuring once-again ‘imperiled’ reporter Angela Vidal, this time trapped on a quarantine ship at sea, once again supposedly menaced by the apparent Zombie Apocalypse.

It’s supposedly the last installment in the franchise, but such predictions are often premature, so take that with a grain of salt.

As for the film itself? Hmm. Well.

It’s profoundly Anti-Zombie, as one might expect, and tries to take the fear of the Undead in some new directions, such as fear of Zombie foodservice workers, for example. Hardly laudable behavior. [REC] 4 also represents an entry in the ‘Fear Zombies at Sea’ genre, which Resident Evil has also dipped its corrupt virtual toes into with ‘Resident Evil: Revelations‘.

Overall though, [REC] 4 represents more of the same, but muddled. It lacks the focus and unusual religiosity of the first two films, the big budget and occasionally action-movie focus of the third movie, and generally, the suspense of any of the previous films. Characters die off-screen, plot threads are picked up, abandoned, sometimes picked up only to be abandoned again. It takes a long time to even get to any Zombies, which is both a blessing and a curse for your ZRC reviewer.

Honestly, I have no idea why it is rated as highly as it is on Rotten Tomatoes.

The ZRC gives [REC] 4 our lowest score for Zombie Rights and declares it ‘Living Supremacist’. We also declare it pretty boring and easily skipped.

Zzzzzz Also Uncool zzzz

How to Eat an Orange During the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

Posted By on July 1, 2015

The ZRC was recently pointed to this graphic and disturbing video purporting to show how to consume citrus fruit during the, ahem, ‘Zombie Apocalypse’.

Warning: Graphic Anti-Zombie Violence is present. Watch with caution.

How to respond to videos like this? Well, for starters, the ZRC fails to see why an orange cannot be shared with a Zombie. Maybe Zombies like oranges? Have you ever thought to ask?

Secondly, it’s an oddly prepared survivor who has a wall mounted, dungeon-like restraint system ready for his unwitting ‘friend’. The ZRC questions this entire scenario. It seems premeditated to us. Maybe the video’s title really should be, ‘How to Get Away with Murder AND Eat an Orange in the Zombie Apocalypse’?

Food for thought, if you’ll excuse the pun. Food for thought.

Zombies and Karaoke in Chicago

Posted By on June 28, 2015

The ZRC has had many adventures in Chicago, and attended several of their annual Zombie Walks. We often cite the city as an example of how integration of the Undead and the Living is possible, even in a society as inundated with negative imagery and stereotyping of the Differently Animated as our own.

Last weekend your Art Director and myself were in Chicago on non-ZRC business and, by pure chance, I happened to spot some Zombie partygoers in their native habitat at a karaoke bar downtown. Around 2am, although whether this was due to a nocturnal habit (we’re not judging) or more ‘ordinary’ partying was not clear.

Tragically, I did not have any literature on me that day, but if anyone knows these Undead Americans they should direct them to our site post-haste.


Sing on, Zombie citizens. Sing on.

ZRC Calendar Announcement: The Last Dark Carnival/Diabolique Film Festival

Posted By on June 6, 2015

They say all good things come to an end, but it’s always sad when the really good ones do.

The Diabolique International Film Festival, formerly The Dark Carnival Film Festival, has been a big part of the ZRC’s existence since the very beginning, always bringing us the latest and greatest in Undead Cinema to review and frequently be offended by.

But this year will be the last.

The Indiana University Cinema hosts the the ninth and final year of the Diabolique International Film Festival. Join us for one last celebration of the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres, featuring guest filmmakers, special events, and screenings of the best independent shorts and features from around the the world.

Apparently the festival will probably run from Thursday to probably Saturday this year, which is fairly typical, and no doubt provide a healthy slate of films to evaluate for Anti-Zombie prejudice.

The ZRC will be there, with our signs and our passion, in the spirit of the good old days, to give it a proper sendoff.

Undead Advocacy, Zombie Friendly Attorney at Law

Posted By on June 6, 2015

It’s been a very busy spring for your ZRC advocates, but we have important announcements to make.

First, one of the longest-running and most distracting ZRC-related projects has finally been completed, and we are ready to share it with you all. This, more than anything else, is what has kept the blog so quiet and our public appearances so sparse over the last couple of years.

Your ZRC President is now also, to our knowledge, the world’s first Zombie Friendly Attorney.

Yes, last month after a grueling 3 years of law school, and a lengthy and difficult character evaluation, I got word that the State of Wisconsin had decided to admit me into the legal profession after all.


There was, of course, a mountain of paperwork to complete, and a swearing in ceremony to attend.

Nothing like having to appear before the state supreme court to make you re-evaluate your life (or Unlife!) choices.

But lo and behold, last week I was sworn in, and now I can officially call myself a Zombie Friendly Attorney at Law.


Plus I got that shiny pin, which I can wear to formal events! Like our protests!

(Just kidding, our protests are informal and friendly. I might still wear the pin though)

What’s next for the ZRC? Well, frankly, a little vacation for me might be in order, but Undead Advocacy has waited long enough, so we hope to make some announcements about events shortly, maybe spruce up the website, offer some new, thought-provoking merchandise and the like soon.

It’s been a long and strange trip for The Zombie Rights Campaign, and we hope it only gets stranger, and more Zombie, in the years to come.

ZRC Spring Update

Posted By on March 26, 2015

Hey loyal ZRC readers, just making a brief update here about goings on at ZRC Centrale.

As previously discussed on the blog, things have been a bit on hiatus here for your premiere Zombie Activism organization as your ZRC President pursues his law degree. Good news on that front: I am almost done. I anticipate graduating in about a month and should shortly thereafter be able to practice law and represent the rights of the Differently Animated as needed.

Which is important, because tragically, the government’s typical response to the Undead is, well… headshots.

Totally unfair.

Now that the bulk of my law school education is over and all that’s really left is a few 3 hour long exams, we’re starting to look further afield for outreach opportunities and chances to Make a Difference (for the Differently Animated). We’ve got some things in the works. Secret things.

Thank you for your patience.

–Future Zombie Rights Lawyer