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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero First Impressions

| August 31, 2010

Or maybe it’s ‘Case 0′, like in the title screen? Whatever. Ok, so the ZRC played the Dead Rising 2 prologue for a few hours this evening over dinner (a lovely ricotta and parmesean stuffed tortellini with a simple marinara sauce, thanks for asking). First impressions follow:

Now For Something Lighter: A Guy’s Guide to Zombies

| August 31, 2010

Here’s something we can all enjoy, before the ZRC has to begin its videogame odyssey into the veritable Heart of Darkness that is Capcom’s media empire, first with Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, then Resident Evil: Afterlife, the full game, and who knows what other horrors yet to come: a lighthearted youtube video about accepting [...]

Dead Rising 2, Fake Zombie Advocacy and You: A Zombie Rights Campaign Expose

| August 31, 2010

A very important ZRC Expose on Dead Rising 2 and Fake Zombie Advocates below the cut.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Out Now

| August 31, 2010

As of this morning, my Xbox informs me, you can download the prologue to upcoming Zombie-bashing megahit Dead Rising 2. Not that I’m suggesting that you SHOULD, of course. It’s just something that all Zombies and Zombie allies need to be aware of. The Zombie Rights Campaign has bitten the bullet on this issue and [...]

SKAmbies? Zombie Music at Geek Kon

| August 30, 2010

I got to prepping a bit for our convention appearance this weekend (I know, I procrastinate a lot) and noticed an interesting group is appearaing in concert at the convention: Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies! This year, close out the convention with a bang! Dr. Cancer was an unsuccessful, washed up, loner until he had [...]

Starburst and the Living Dead

| August 30, 2010

This is a new Starburst ad in its ongoing series of ‘Korean guy wearing a Kilt’ commercials… featuring a Zombie. Large-sized video below the cut.

Reminder: Geek-Kon and Resident Evil Countermarch

| August 30, 2010

Just a bit of a programming note to remind anyone and everyone that The Zombie Rights Campaign will be at Geek Kon here in lovely Madison, Wisconsin this weekend, September 3rd-5th. This is our first year at the local geeky convention and we’re hoping to have a good time and do some serious outreach for [...]

Has Japan Formally Declared War on Zombies?

| August 29, 2010

Given that the US release of Japanese Anti-Zombie Game ‘Dead Rising 2′ is days away, the availability of this product in Japan comes as particularly disturbing news: “Zombie Meat,” an exquisite new Japanese snack for the horror enthusiast, consists of bite-sized chunks of tender blue flesh that, according to the package, has been aged to [...]

No Power/More Power to Zombies!

| August 27, 2010

So the power adapter on my Toshiba laptop/convention warhorse died overnight, and it will take a few days to ship us a replacement. Oops. In the meantime posting and replies to email may be spotty as I have to share the art director’s power supply, and the battery life on these Toshiba Satellites is pretty [...]

‘Zombie’ Ants, or Biased Journalists?

| August 27, 2010

Yet another instance of supposed ‘professionals’ using loaded and inappropriate language to defame the Differently Animated. This time we have ‘scientists’ who describe the process by which a parasitic fungus infects ants, and then forces them to bite down on plants to obtain nutrients for the fungus to grow to its next stage, and thereby [...]