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ZRC Review ‘Zombie Killer’ Cyser/Mead

Lately, the ZRC blog has been delving into the world of Zombie-themed alcohol reviews. We’ve covered several notable beers, but hadn’t gotten around to one of the more popular Zombified alcohols: ‘Zombie Killer’ from B. Nektar.

First, a bit of fun learning! ‘Zombie Killer’ refers to itself as a Cyser. If you’re like me, you have no idea what that word means, but a bit of googling revealed the answer.

A Cyser is a particular subtype of mead, made with (Insert description here).

Those technical details aside, how does the product relate to Zombie Rights?

Well… the name is a pretty big giveaway. Zombie Killer Cyser celebrates, well…

killing Zombies.

Shocking, we know. Terrible even! It’s about the most overt prejudice we’ve ever seen displayed on a food or beverage product.

Just take a gander at this artwork:

Bloody violence against the Undead is no way to sell alcohol. Even if it’s highly stylized, as seen here.

The Zombie Rights Campaign is appalled.

We rate Zombie Killer Cyser as Living Supremacist

Alcoholic intolerance. As opposed to alcohol intolerance.

PS: You might be wondering how the actual mead tastes. I’m not much of a mead connoisseur in general, but this is refreshing and delicious, easily drinkable. A pity it’s not more tolerant as well.

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