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New ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff Details

The Zombie Rights Campaign takes issue with ‘The Walking Dead’ tv series. It’s blatant fearmongering, served up with a side of gore and a big order of dysfunctional drama.

Hmm. You can tell I am writing this before I have lunch.

Ahem. At any rate, we’ve known that there will be a Walking Dead spinoff series for some time. Recently some new details about that show, however, have leaked. It will apparently be a prequel of sorts to the main show:

The website Bleeding Cool claims to have read a pilot script for the spinoff series that was written last September. According to Bleeding Cool, the series will be set right before and during the onset of the zombie-apocalypse. Meaning, everything that happened before Rick Grimes woke up in the hospital.

The title of the pilot script is reportedly “Fear The Walking Dead” and will follow a dysfunctional family in Los Angeles whose life is about to get much, much worse.

Sigh. This show should be especially hard for the Art Director, as she sees her hometown turned into a giant billboard for Undead-bashing. We’ve already been speculating about iconic locations they might shoot at; we’re both laying odds on Griffith Observatory.

We’ll keep you posted on further details as they emerge.

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