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Dead Rising for iPhone Apparently Sucks Really Badly

This article about Dead Rising for the iPhone at The Appera isn’t so much a review as it is a eulogy; it sounds like nobody in their right mind should play the blasted thing, for technical and gameplay reasons alone.

Keeping in mind, it costs 2 bucks on sale.


Apparently it lags, it’s extremely hard to control, it’s a ridiculously truncated version of the original game and the graphics are awful. You don’t need to be a Zombie Rights activist to hate a game like that. The reviewer’s right, too, about Frank West’s newly tiny cranium; wow. Who designed that character model?

Man, Capcom has really decided to abandon the pretense they’re a general game company, haven’t they? I guess they’ve determined that quality isn’t necessary, just slap a bunch of Zombies in there and let people massacre the Differently Animated and it’ll sell.

Well… maybe not, if this is any indication. Here’s hoping they come to their senses soon and start making more quality titles that everyone, Zombie and Living person alike, can enjoy.

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