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Zombies ‘Taking Over Christmas’ Says Denver Examiner Writer

I really don’t know why so many people are framing the recent popularity of Zombies at Christmastime in this ‘us vs. them’ mentality:

It used to be that zombies were strictly limited to Halloween. Not anymore. Everyone’s favorite flesh-eating ghouls are making a move to take over Christmas, and they’ve got Santa and his reindeer worried.

Really, we’re trotting out the ‘flesh-eating ghouls’ thing? For shame, spreading hate and fear during the holiday season. Why should Santa be afraid of Zombies, anyway?

Oh, right, that flesh-eating stereotype. This is a new wrinkle though, as presumably Zombies will settle down, get a house with a mortgage and a white picket fence, dutifully maintain it all year, make the payments, mow the lawn, replace the window that the kid next door knocks out with a baseball, all so at the end of the year they can… lure Santa Claus into the living room to eat him?

It’s Machiavellian genius!

At any rate, the rest of the article lists some Zombie-related products and events, both from this year and years past. Of particular note was an improv show last year that mixed Zombies and the holidays called ‘Hark the Herald Zombies Sign’.

Sadly, it appears to have been fairly Anti-Zombie, though this all-too-true bit about family acceptance of Zombies was amusing:.

One sketch featured a daughter coming out of the closet to her overly-supportive mother. But when her brother claimed that his new girlfriend was a zombie, he was met with his mother’s scorn, “Don’t be ridiculous Jeffrey. You can’t love a zombie. Just because some girl follows you around and wants to eat your brain doesn’t mean she loves you. It means she thinks you’re dinner!” This amusing twist on a classic uncomfortable family moment became the theme of the show.

Also mentioned were a book of Zombie-themed Christmas Carols (another entry in the seemingly endless ‘Insert Zombies Into Public Domain Works’ series) and a graphic novel featuring Santa in the Zombie Apocalypse called ‘The Last Christmas’.

After seeing all this I just have to say, Zombies need their own holiday special, *badly*, just to counter all the negative attention. Marvel’s putting out a Zombie version of A Christmas Carol this spring, we have all this stuff out this winter, and who knows what’s next?

We need to get out in front of this before next Christmas or else Zombies will be made the new Grinches for certain. Fortunately I do know some very talented individuals in various creative fields, so maybe they can lend a hand. Clearly, it will fall to the ZRC to save Christmas 2011 — for the Zombies.

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