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Upcoming Resident Evil Pushes Anti-Zombie Gaming Into Third Dimension

Having assaulted your eyes, ears, and sanity in 3D with the odious and incomprehensibly stupid Resident Evil: Afterlife, Capcom is forging ahead with pushing their flagship Anti-Zombie game franchise into 3D on the new handheld, the 3DS:

The horror is back in Resident Evil! That’s our impression after a going few sessions with 3DS’s Resident Evil Revelations at the Nintendo World demo event in Chiba earlier today.

The Nintendo World demo, the first time Revelations has gone playable, gave players control of Jill Valentine on the ship that serves as the game’s central setting. In our two play sessions, we lead Jill through the corridors of the devastated ship and took out a few attacking zombies along the way.

With atmospheric sounds, and lots of shock scenes, it looks like Resident Evil Revelations could deliver true scares! Those scares will come at the visual quality we’ve come to expect from the series’ latest HD installments. Revelations is a showpiece title for the 3DS in terms of visual fidelity. It also has a nice, clear 3D effect, making it look like you’re looking into a virtual 3D world. The MT Framework (which powers both this and Street Fighter IV 3D Edition) appears to have another success story on its hands.

Let me get this straight: not only is cutting-edge technology powering this particular assault on the Differently Animated, but now, in their never-ending search for new and terrifying ways to attack Zombies, Capcom is having its characters engage in piracy on the high seas?

I guess the thought that Zombies might find some safe haven in international waters, even in fiction, was too much for the gore-mongers developing this… videogame.

Apparently the title is only about 20% finished, so it will be some time before anyone gets to purchase the blasted thing. We’ll keep you apprised as news becomes available.

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