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While the Zombie Rights Campaign is a non-partisan pro-Zombie Outreach organization, I feel it is important to note the contributions of the Differently Animated Community to the political debates now going on in this country.

Zombie groups are showing up across the nation to demand health care reform from various angles, some arguing that Zombies are often denied insurance due to ‘pre-existing conditions’, while others argue that Zombiism presents a unique national health care crisis, for both Zombies and humans alike, and in order to prevent the stereotypical ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, we must have an organized national health care scheme.

The ZRC makes no policy statements at this time regarding national health care, beyond noting that Zombies face unjust discrimination in the world of medicine just as they do in the arena of civil rights. If any health care proposal was to guarantee a ban on anti-Zombie discrimination in health insurance, the ZRC would be fully in support of such a bill.

However, the ZRC is sad to see that Zombies are still used, even by so-called ‘Progressive’ voices on the left, as cardboard cutouts for their actual adversaries in, say, the Health Care Industry.

We hereby call on Jane Hamsher/Fire Dog Lake to apologize for this slur. Zombies represent many facets of society and hail from all walks of life and politics, and are not a faceless, monolithic mob that you can project your biases onto.

For shame, Ms. Hamsher, for shame.

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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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