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Snorg Tees Hates Zombies

Hello, Snorgtees! We see you have a Zombie themed shirt with the slogan ‘Zombies Hate Fast Food’.

Depicting a mob of ‘Zombies’ chasing a jogger:

Zombies might like fast food, did you ever think to ask them?

Oh! ‘Fast food’! Har-har har.

So very clever. Too bad you couldn’t work in a reference to ‘cardio’ while you were at it.

Then when looking at that shirt you advertise this monstrosity to me as well. “In Case of Zombies, Break Glass” and a shotgun in place of the usual fireman’s axe.


Or how about this design, furthering the ‘Zombies are murderous, violent savages’ mythology so beloved of the Anti-Zombie faction.

Zombies ruined a plain text shirt, or improved it?

Finally, to show how little human compassion and camaraderie there is amongst the Zombie haters at Snorg Tees, witness this shirt, saying from one Anti-Zombie fellow to another, in the event of their well-earned comeuppance at the hands of a righteous mob of avenging Zombies, it’s every Zombie hater for himself.

Tripping your fellow Zombie bashers.  For shame, or good show?

I’m cutting myself off now, because at some point criticizing their blatant Living Supremacism just becomes free advertising.

Snorg Tees: Bad for Zombies, Bad for America.

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