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I Wish I Was Making This Up: ‘Farts Vs. Zombies’

Honestly, after the Hardy Boys thing I had thought myself truly prepared for the utter dearth of taste to be found in the current ‘Shove Zombies in Anything’ trend, but this just goes to show you that there’s no such thing as ‘too cynical’:

If you download a game called “Farts Vs Zombies,” you probably shouldn’t expect a digital journey into the deepest recesses of mankind’s soul. Instead, you should expect a game that’s dumb, immature, and mocks itself mercilessly.

Farts Vs Zombies is certainly dumb and immature, which is fine. Maturity is for poo-poo heads, anyway. The real problem is that Mutant Games thinks the mouldy jokes and tropes at the butt (ha!) of Farts vs. Zombies are hilarious. They’re not. Worst of all, the game just isn’t fun to play.

Yes, this is a game where the player character *farts* to eliminate *Zombies*.

This is a real thing. A thing that people pay actual currency, backed by the full faith and credit of their government, in order to download and play.

Apparently in terms of actual gameplay it’s a tired retread of the ‘line-drawing’ genre, which I haven’t played much but what could be more scintillating than drawing lines with your finger on a touchscreen, right?

Only with farts. And Zombies. And jokes about various people becoming Zombies, so you can fart on them.

I’ll give the developers of ‘Farts vs. Zombies’ credit: in their mad quest to cash in on the Anti-Zombie trend, they managed to find a form of cruel debasement to inflict on the Differently Animated that I had never heard of before. It’s an enormous amount of creativity to dedicate to, fundamentally, avoiding meaningful creativity in the first place (ie, a Zombie game without Zombie bashing).

I need a stiff drink just after watching the trailer:

Yikes. Just.. yikes.

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