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ZRC Goes to Freakfest

The Zombie Rights Campaign made our annual appearance at Freakfest this last Saturday, and man it was quite the show. We had a very successful series of protests and many pro-Zombie individuals praised us and asked for pictures. So many, in fact, that we forgot to get any of ourselves at the event. (Sorry folks)

However, we did obtain a number of photographs of other interesting individuals from Freakfest, and thought that you might like to see the sort of fun event we were able to attend while doing our noble work. Public service doesn’t have to be a grind, and working for Zombie Rights is often very exciting. Especially when doing outreach like our street protests.

Enjoy the photos below the cut.


A topical costume about good old Bernie Madoff.



A couple of shots that came out funny when enhanced for their limited brightness; group costumes are a common sight at Freakfest, and this was a mob of traffic cones.



Another couple of shots, this time of a group of people with elaborate puppet costumes. Neato! Maybe next year they can do Zombie puppets!

Sadly I couldn’t get a picture of the group of people going as The Running of the Bulls, but they were very neat. One bull costume and a series of traditionally costumed runners fleeing it down State Street. Very cool.


This is a shot of Gizmo Duck and the blur was a woman who came separately dressed as Darkwing and met with Gizmo on the street by chance. Outstanding!


The Magic School Bus lives!


Swine flu, hehe.


A pumpkin-head man, or perhaps the Headless Horseman. Sadly later we saw this head smashed on the sidewalk, no doubt due to some accident.


One last shot, this of the main music stage. There were smaller stages that were actually more interesting, including one with a band doing a sort of medley of early 90s songs. At one point they played Walk the Dinosaur I believe.

In conclusion, the overall response to our signs and chanting was very positive. The majority of Madison residents are firmly in the Pro-Zombie column! We had a few anti-Zombie malcontents, but mostly got cheers and high fives from appreciative pro-Zombie individuals, as well as a few members of the local Undead community. The ZRC thanks everyone who contributed to this amazing event.

Well, that’s about it for now. Another year, another success at ZRC Public Action.


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The role of 'Administrator' will be played tonight by John Sears, currently serving as President of The Zombie Rights Campaign.


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