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‘Zombie Delight’ by Buck 65 is Anything But

Congratulations, Jonathan Coulton, you’re off the hook; someone made an even more offensive and hateful Anti-Zombie music video.

I’m kidding of course; he’s not off the hook. But the rest, sadly, is true, as a band called ‘Buck 65′ has decided that the best way to make a big name for themselves is on the backs of the Differently Animated, with this, the most singularly hateful music video I’ve ever seen:

I don’t know how it gets worse than this, folks, I really don’t.

Actual sample lyrics:

‘Zombies are on the loose
Be courageous
They’re totally disgusting
Their condition is contagious

Look out for raggedy people
With rotten body parts

Zombie Invasion!
The problem is international
Don’t try to reason with them
Zombies are irrational’

You get the idea. With its repeated calls to ‘go get them’ and ‘do battle’, this video manages to go beyond fearmongering, even beyond spreading hate, and actually incites, openly, violence against the Differently Animated. It really does not get any worse than ‘Zombie Delight’, and I imagine Buck 65 is beyond the point where outreach will do any good.

It should go without saying that this appalling and despicable piece of musical bigotry gets our lowest rating, that of Living Supremacist.

What an awful video.

Not that they have any shame, but, for shame, Buck 65. For shame.

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