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LAPD and The Walking Dead: Partners in Oppression?

| November 23, 2013

Here at The Zombie Rights Campaign we’re very concerned about official Anti-Zombie prejudice deriving from the negative stereotypes you see in popular culture. It’s certainly a problem when Robert Kirkman flaunts his hatred of the Differently Animated; it’s much more of a problem with official government agencies do it. Zombies have Civil Rights too. So [...]

‘DED Talk’ About Surviving the ‘Human Apocalypse’ Shows A Different Perspective on the Supposed End of the World.. Or Does It?

| November 9, 2013

If you’ve been on the internet the last few years, no doubt you have seen the seemingly endless parade of ‘TED Talks’, or ‘lifehacks’, and such. Videos or articles outlining supposedly revolutionary ways to view the world or change our behaviors to improve our lives. Well, what if Zombies, in a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ scenario, had [...]

‘The Zombie Song’ Has Living-Undead Romance, But Negative Imagery Abounds

| June 17, 2013

This is a very catchy song. About Zombies. It has a fairly positive and occasionally quite sympathetic portrayal of Zombies. But… well, just wait until the ending. I’m afraid we can’t endorse this sort of ultimately destructive relationship, even in the name of Living-Undead alliance. Still, if you need something to listen to today, it [...]

Just In Time for Valentine’s Day, ‘Undying Love’

| February 14, 2013

You may remember Mad Lab Productions from an entire series of Zombie stop-animations we’ve critiqued here on the ZRC blog; there are some issues with retrograde Zombie stereotyping in their work, but also a measure of sympathy for the Undead that is highly unusual. Mad Lab’s latest short film, ‘Undying Love’, exhibits a similar mix. [...]

Dumb Ways to Die: Walking Dead Edition

| January 6, 2013

For those not hugely into internet memes, an Australian train company released a viral video ad campaign to promote safety around railroads called ‘Dumb Ways to Die’. It took off rather quickly, and as of now, has about 35 million views on Youtube. Naturally this led to parodies, and in particular we can heartily recommend [...]

Illinois Attacks Zombies to Promote Wearing Seatbelts

| June 23, 2012

Truly a bizarre story out of Illinois, especially considering that it’s home to the Zombie Friendly city of Chicago (where we recently marched for Zombie Rights, for instance): Still they are HILARIOUS that my home state of Illinois put ZOMBIES IN THEIR COMMERCIALS! So much of awesomeness here. The Illinois Department of Transportation really has [...]

Finally, the ZRC and the ZRS Agree on Something

| June 6, 2012

We don’t get along well with the Anti-Zombie ‘researchers’ at the Zombie Research Society. As you might imagine. Still, The Zombie Rights Campaign is behind them 100% on this one: Check out this laughable attempt to update Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance in an Indian movie called Donga. The clip and film aren’t knew, but it’s [...]

‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ Continues to Offend with ‘Zom-Be-Gone’

| May 18, 2012

Upcoming and clearly Living Supremacist game ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ (out June 12th in America) is just TRYING to antagonize the Zombie Rights movement even further with their gross (and grossly offensive) internet campaign, I swear: A special laundry detergent to remove evidence of your gruesome massacres? Wow, that sounds like something a non-sociopathic individual would want [...]

“Mormons vs Zombies”?

| March 30, 2012

Although it’s often overlooked these days, Anti-Zombie prejudice in America was long associated with Zombies of a supernatural or religious origin rather than the Zombiism of a biological or chemical nature that so paralyzes the public consciousness lately. Zombies were supposedly a symptom of the dangerous Other, a spiritual or cultural affliction, one that presumably [...]

‘Ask a Mortician’ Web-Series Bashes Zombies

| March 18, 2012

ZRC pal Michelle Hartz, author of ‘Brains for the Zombie Soul’ (which you’ll be able to buy at Horrorhound in ONE WEEK), sent us a link to this webseries featuring a mortician answering questions about death, and, here, about Zombies: I have to say, this is a truly unfortunate mishmash of fact and prejudice. Zombies [...]