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Another Amnesty (Sort of)

Here at the ZRC we think that the best way for Living people to come to accept Zombies is to see Zombies and their supporters helping out, doing good, or in yesterday’s case, peacefully assembling in public.

Apparently the Anti-Zombie filmmakers, however, have something of the same idea about themselves:

Gawid Entertainment has teamed up with Scares That Care! to help sick children.

Gawid Entertainment is donating a sizable portion of all sales from Zombie Doomsday: A live action Zombie movie, Another Zombie Flick: The making of a low budget Zombie movie and Diary Of An Ex Child Star.

“Scares That Care!” is a not-for-profit organization that provides money, toys and other items to help sick children.

Just what is ‘Zombie Doomsday’? Well, as you might guess, it doesn’t look to be Zombie Friendly:

Another Zombie Apocalypse story, although at least this one has a well-cut trailer. I’m not sure if the ‘reality show’ angle is cliche by this point or not; as someone who stopped watching TV years ago (except on DVD), I’m continually appalled just to find out how many reality shows there still are. They seem to be spreading all the time, like a bad skin infection. So I think we can give the concept at the very least a nod toward plausibility; pity the ‘Zombies rising up to kill’ part had to come in to muddy things up.

Still, if you have to support an Anti-Zombie film, at least here you’d also be helping out some sick kids. We’ve declared amnesties before, with Tom Savini no less, so I guess we can do it again; on the other hand, we’re not actually going to *endorse* going out and seeing this movie. If, however, you must watch an Anti-Zombie film, then we’re going to suggest ‘Zombie Doomsday’, because at least they’re trying to make up for the harm their movie does to society in some small fashion.

If on the other hand you want some fine ZRC merchandise with all proceeds to benefit the Red Cross, go to our ongoing sale (new items soon!) at this address.

Both fine causes, showing that, even though we can’t agree on the treatment of the Differently Animated on film, we can agree on some things. It’s a start.

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