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More Auctiony Goodness

Well gang, the ZRC auction is coming to an end. In six days and change the shirts and bands come down; we’re edging toward 300 dollars altogether, which isn’t bad, I think.

Of course, you can help us do better!

Go here and buy a fine shirt or some wristbands. Do it for the Red Cross; as the little ribbony logos indicate, we get absolutely no revenue from these sales. On the other hand I’m developing a close personal relationship with the post office staff thanks to all these side-trips.

I may put up a couple more items in the next couple of days, we’ll see how that goes. I was shocked that the signed ‘Return of the Living Dead’ didn’t sell the first time, for example.

Thanks to all the ZRC fans for their support of this very worthy cause, and for helping to show that, contra Harcos Labs, Zombies are good for a lot more than simply seasoning food products. They care, and you care about them. Good show.

Update: I did relist Return of the Living Dead, at a reduced starting price too. Bidding starts at 18 dollars and you can own a piece of cinema history, sad as it may be. Bid here!

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