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Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7

Holy $*#@ ladies and gentlemen, I finally got to read the latest Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth, and it was all I ever wanted.

Well, in a single issue of a comic book.

Continuing where the cast left off last time, Deadpool and his Zombie counterpart enter the dimensional portal in Florida and begin a wacky multiversal journey/satire of other dimension hopping comics titles (I’m looking at you, Exiles).

The book also enters a variety of different artistic styles, as each universe is depicted by a different artist. Even a world drawn by Rob Liefeld (so expect enormous chests and rocket-shaped breasts on the ladies).

This issue also marks a return to the higher levels of humor that the last, semi-filler issue failed to attain. Actually, it’s blisteringly funny throughout, with a number of jokes that made me laugh entirely too loudly for this time of night.

Ahh, forget it. Our neighbors are jerks. They can put up with it.

Z-Pool gets a number of the best lines and quite a bit of attention, as befits a full member of the cast and not some Zombie token (Z-Token?). Now, he does eat some tasty human flesh in this issue, but it’s completely justified and organic to the plot, so there’s no Zombie bashing here.

All in all, a quality title and a return to form for the Merc with a Mouth team. Totally recommended.

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