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ThinkGeek Has to Go and Ruin a Potentially Zombie Friendly Product

Noted internet hate merchant ThinkGeek isn’t satisfied with repeatedly earning the ZRC’s ire selling flagrantly Anti-Zombie products, oh no; sometimes they have to take a product that could be gently subversive of the prevailing negative stereotypes of the Differently Animated and ruin it with their ad copy.


Not bad until they defamed the Differently Animated

It’s What Zombies Crave – Little ice-cubes shaped like braaaaaaaainsss!

Basically, there are two ways we can approach how awesome these brain-shaped ice-cubes are:

1 – we can take the obvious zombie angle. Naturally, Zombies are (were) people, too, and when they’re done with a long day at the office, tearing the gizzards out of Phil in Accounting, there’s nothing they prefer more than to kick back with a high-ball of their favorite adult beverage, and ruminate on the day’s activity…

See, here we had a product that, if the marketing had been Zombie positive, the ZRC would have been happy to endorse as a gentle satire of the awful and hateful prejudice that grips America and indeed much of the world regarding Zombies.

Instead, we have to condemn ThinkGeek. Again.

You can see the product and imagine what might have been here.

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