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New ‘Silent Hill’ Promises to be Unfair to the Differently Animated, Also Your Ears

‘Silent Hill’ games don’t get quite as much press here on the ZRC blog, as their ‘antagonists’ often fall more in the ‘insane human’ or ‘demon’ categories rather than the Differently Animated, and also because, quite frankly, it’s hard to tell what’s going on half the blasted time.

Still, they’ve had a noteworthy impact and their non-conventionally-human game characters have often been poorly treated, so this news about the next upcoming ‘Silent Hill’ depressed us on a number of levels:

Once again taking the franchise outside of Japan, Konami gave Silent Hill: Downpour (above) to the Czech outfit Vatra Games. Not that the premise is out of line with the series: Downpour features a convict named Murphy stranded in the town of Silent Hill after his prison transport crashes there. He’s armed only with whatever disposable weapons he can scavenge, and he can even try to outrun the bizarre dimensional shifts that characterize the series. Vatra seems to have the Silent aesthetic down, though the combat may be purposefully clumsy once again.

A game based on purposefully un-fun ‘combat’ with the somewhat Differently Animated by a convict scrounging up improvised weapons? It sounds like Dead Rising has a new rival.

But wait, there’s even more horror:

There’s also some controversy about the music: the game’s producer reports that singer/actress/ADR director Mary Elizabeth McGlynn will be back for Downpour, but there’s a theme song by Korn. No kidding.

No. No no no no no! You cannot do this to me, Konami! I won’t have it! I won’t tolerate a game that’s Anti-Unconventional Human AND has a theme song by Korn. You have gone *too far* this time!

I’m going to write them such an angry letter….

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