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New Suda51 Title Appears to be Anti-Zombie Gorefest

Videogame auteur Goichi Suda, widely known as Suda51, has become famous for making edgy, bizarre, sardonic titles aimed at adult gamers and is best known for the ‘No More Heroes franchise. It appears however that he has decided to cash in while the money’s so very good and make an Anti-Zombie videogame of his own:

It wasn’t but a couple of weeks ago that I reviewed Shadows of the Damned, yet we’re already hearing rumblings of Suda 51′s next project. Re-teaming with Akira Yamaoka (Shadows and the Silent Hill franchise), Suda is upping the crazy — again.

Lollipop Chainsaw is the next title from Grasshopper Manufacture, and it features a zombie-killing, chainsaw-wielding cheerleader named Juliet.

what the heck, Japan? San Romero Knights, very clever btw

Yes, because we’ve never seen a chainsaw wielding crazy schoolgirl in Zombie media out of Japan before.

Oh wait.

But while ‘Kore wa Zombie desu ka?’ was a subversive rethinking of the Undead and their role in anime, ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ appears to be yet another splashy, gory, pointlessly violent assault on the virtual Differently Animated.

Sigh. Why must you do this, Japan? Why must you be so mean to the Zombie population? Can’t you find another hobby?

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