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Hot Topic Again Goes After the Differently Animated

Ok, seriously, for a mall store catering to teenagers who don’t know what a well-printed t-shirt looks like, Hot Topic is managing to push a lot of ZRC buttons.

We’ve talked previously about their Anti-Zombiism on the blog, but this shirt really makes it official:


Killing zombies may sound like fun, but after a while it gets old. When the zombie apocalypse is here, you’re going to wish for a world with “No zombies.

Really, Hot Topic? You want to go there. You want to sell this? Fine. Guess what? We’re rating it Living Supremacist.

Totally unacceptable.

The shirt is available (online only) from Hot Topic, no doubt because they’re too ashamed to hang it in their brick and mortar stores, or perhaps too afraid of protests.

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