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Libaries in Minnesota Promoting Anti-Zombie Hatred to Kids

Here’s a depressing tale about how some libraries in Minnesota have decided that hate literature is the best way to promote reading to impressionable kids:

Dakota County library sessions on zombie survival expands kids’ braaaaaains!

Zombies are the flesh-eating walking dead of movies and games. Should they ever actually roam the earth, Dakota County libraries are making sure kids will be ready.

Two local authors are giving patrons a tongue-in-cheek look at surviving a zombie apocalypse. And audiences are eating it up, instead of being eaten.

John Olson and Bud Hanzel, authors of “The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” and self-described “zombologists,” held a training session Thursday at the Robert Trail Library in Rosemount. An enthusiastic group of more than 50 teenagers and adults attended.

The Robert Trail event was the second of four planned. The first was at Pleasant Hill Library, where organizers received so many calls from parents asking about the presentation that they are planning another session for adults in February.

“It was great: The kids that were here, they just loved it,” said Gladys Kim, teen and adult librarian at Pleasant Hill in Hastings.

The authors are planning to publish two more do-it-yourself guides, one centered on surviving an alien invasion, to go along with “Bud and Johnny’s Zombified Song Book.”

“We’re still on the upward swing,” Olson noted about the zombie genre’s popularity. “Is it silly that we thought of all this?”

I really wish you *hadn’t* spent all this time on it, Mr. Olson. It actually makes our job here at the ZRC a lot harder.

I also wish the librarians at these facilities would have given some thought, even a brief and passing one, to whether their educational and public service mandate really necessitates spreading Anti-Zombie prejudice and disgust. We’ve seen the nexus of Zombie hating and Libraries before, and then as now, the ZRC believes it’s unnecessary and insulting to the Zombie citizens of this great nation, who, it should be remembered, pay the taxes that support the facilities too.

Not that they’re welcome in Dakota County, it seems.

For shame, Dakota County libraries. For shame.

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