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A Zombie Apocalypse Rock Opera?

We try to be optimistic about new forms of Zombie Media here at the ZRC after the stellar experience that was ‘Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story’, but I don’t think we’ll be able to get behind this new rock opera about the Zombie Apocalypse:

Actor Samn Wright, like a number of other stage performers in Kansas City, has an alternative life as a musician.

And he plans to merge those worlds Friday night when he and a select group of performers present “Slaughterhouse Opera” at the Living Room. Wright wrote the piece, including 12 original songs.

“We were a very theatrical, experimental band, and one day we had an idea that we would write a rock opera about the zombie apocalypse, which the members of the band would perform,” he said.

The plot: “Five survivors of the zombie apocalypse all scramble to enact their plans to save humanity, which conflict with one another and culminate in a perfect storm of zombie mayhem,” Wright said.

Once again we see the false dichotomy being presented here with Zombies not being part of humanity but rather some nefarious force set to destroy it, with only a handful of Survivors standing in the way of the Undead.


Naturally, we strongly disapprove of this zero-sum thinking here at the ZRC. In fact, we advise people not to use the term ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ in the first place; we’d much rather the less inflammatory ‘Global Reanimation Block Party’.

Still, if you’re in Kansas City on August 30th and want to report back on this show to the ZRC, please feel free.

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