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Zombie Perfume?

This is decidedly a mixed bag for me, but a web-company is selling Zombie.. Perfume:

The scent of death lingers on the walking dead. Limbs rot, organs turn rancid, and decomposition sets in. For a zombie in a state of decay, they need Zombie Fragrance Oil. Liberally apply this scent, and combat that lingering odor of decay to entice the comely young undead thing that has caught your fancy.

Now, on the face of it, this seems pretty defamatory for Zombies. The scent of death lingers on the ‘walking dead’? Really?

On the other hand, we are talking about a cosmetic product. It’s not atypical to sell that kind of product by working on the insecurities of the end-user. Making that allowance, a cosmetic product targeting Zombies might well be a bit harsh on Zombie body issues in order to get a sale.

Compare that with the history of Listerine, where they made up a fake medical condition to sell mouthwash and convinced people they were doomed to a lonely existence as a result of having… halitosis! *dun dun DUN*

So… it’s a step. A baby step forward, to an era when Zombies are considered a lucrative niche market rather than a hated minority.

Update: I almost forgot to mention, this ad assumes that a Zombie can be ‘comely’. Zombies considered comely? That’s also progress, I think.

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